Milkor MGL

Milkor MGL #1154
Despite their common use by modern anti-riot police as a means of deploying baton rounds and gas grenades against protestors, the Milkor Multiple Grenade Launcher was primarily intended as a lethal addition to shorthanded military units. The Milkor is the lovechild of a revolver and a traditional grenade launcher, with its six-shot chamber bestowing the user with a ridiculously high rate of fire for such a devastating weapon.
Weapon Info
Weapon Type
Heavy artillery
40mm Grenade
Damage Range
~73.75 - ~78.75
Accuracy Range
~39.25 - ~44.25

Milkor MGL is a Secondary Heavy artillery weapon that was released in December 2021 and can be obtained from a Heavy Arms Cache.

The Milkor MGL has a base fire rate of one round per turn, and can fire six rounds without reloading. It has a stealth rating of 1.4.

All Milkor MGLs will be Yellow quality or greater.


Along with the China Lake, the Milkor is one of only two weapons in Torn to use the 40mm Grenade ammo.

Patch History

Released in Patch list #