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PKM #1155
If you’re looking for a reliable front-line weapon with which to eviscerate enemy infantry, you could do no better than the PKM belt-fed machine gun. This modernized variant of the original PK was devised by famed Soviet military engineer and arms designer Mikhael Kalashnikov, and the fact that it is still used today by the Russian armed forces is a testament to its efficacy and reliability.
Weapon Info
Weapon Type
Machine gun
7.62mm Rifle Round
Damage Range
76.12 - 78.72
Accuracy Range
49.09 - 50.94

PKM is a Primary Machine gun weapon that was released in December 2021 and can be obtained from a Heavy Arms Cache.

The PKM can fire 50 rounds without reloading. It has a stealth rating of 1.7.

All PKMs will be Yellow quality or greater.

Patch History

Released in Patch list #