Dual 92G Berettas

Not to be confused with Beretta 92FS

Dual 92G Berettas #21
One of the greatest pistols in the world. And when you are packing a pair, the results are incredible: 46 powerful shots to take your opponent down. The Dual 92G Berettas are very hard to get hold of, so cost a premium. But the extra impact is worth the extra price.
Buy Price
Sell Price
Weapon Info
Weapon Type
9mm Parabellum Round
Damage Range
64 - 69
Accuracy Range
30 - 35

Dual 92G Berettas (commonly shortened to "Dual Berettas" by players) is a Secondary Pistol weapon that can only be obtained through city finds. It can be sold to (but not purchased at) Big Al's Gun Shop.

The Dual 92G Berettas were one of the items available at the launch of Torn on 15 November 2004, having been introduced during the Torn City Beta.

The Dual Berettas have a base fire rate between five to 15 rounds per turn and can fire 46 rounds without reloading. It has a stealth rating of 3.2, the lowest of any Pistol. The Dual Berettas are currently the highest damaging Pistol in the game.

At the moment no Dual Berettas have been found from opening a Small Arms Caches. There is currently no way to obtain a Yellow, Orange or Red quality Dual Berettas.


Since its removal from Mexico, Dual Berettas can now only be found through city finds.

Dual Berettas can be bought from other players through the Item Market, Bazaars, or Trades, but as Secondary weapons do not stack they must be purchased one by one, making it time consuming to buy in bulk.


The Dual Berettas are the most damaging Pistol weapon in the game, but are not commonly used against players due to their low accuracy. With a combination of high damage and a high fire rate, they see occasional use in NPC fights, where accuracy is unimportant due to NPCs getting high enough Distraction to reduce their dexterity to effectively zero.

Historical Notes

The Dual Berettas could originally be purchased at Big Al's for $150,000, and were the best secondary weapon at the time of Torn's release. They were moved to Mexico upon the release of travel, but removed as a purchasable item in September of 2016.

The original sell price was $125,000, and was changed to $900,000 in either 2016 or 2017, most likely to reflect a rise in the item's value in the Item Market after the item could no longer be purchased in Mexico. The original buy price on the weapon was changed[1] 8 August 2017 to match the now higher sell price, even though the item can no longer be purchased from any shop.

The Dual Berettas were originally called the "Dual 96G Berettas," but werechanged[2] to the 92G model on 25 April 2016 as the 96G model is chambered in .40 S&W, a caliber not present in Torn. The name was not updated [3] in the item description for over a year, being fixed on 22 November 2017.

In the old Ammo system prior to the Attacking 2.0 update, ammo for the Dual 92G Berettas costed $368 per clip. The icon for the ammo was a small pistol cartridge.

The Dual Weapons Education from the old education system was not required to wield them.

Image History

Dual 92G Berettas Image History
Years Used Image
2007 or earlier to July 2012 dWVlOOy.png
July 2012 [4] to present aONgyGd.jpg

Patch History

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