Clothing Layers

All clothing items (and other items that display on a character when equipped, such as Armor or equipable Collectibles) are assigned at least one body part to equip to and at least one layer on that body part. These layers range between 1 to 5 for each body part, with higher layers displaying on top of lower layers.

Only one item can be equipped per body part for each layer at one time. For example, wearing a Witch's Hat and equipping a Mountie Hat will unequip the Witch's Hat, as both items share head layer 4.

Items that have multiple layers will appear at the highest layer they occupy. Some items visually appear on body parts where they do not have a layer, such as masks going over the eyes despite not having an eye layer or the straps on Dungarees appearing on the torso- in this case, the item will not unequip any items on the extra layer it appears on.


A screenshot showing a console used by developers to experiment with clothing layers

Head Layers

Items with Head Layers [1]
Item Layer 5 Layer 4 Layer 3 Layer 2 Layer 1
Delta Gas Mask X X X
EOD Helmet X X X
Hazmat Suit X X X
Medieval Helmet X X X
Motorcycle Helmet X X X
Welding Helmet X X X
Paper Bag X X
Scrooge's Top Hat X X
Sun Hat X X
Witch's Hat X X
Bunny Ears X
Bunny Suit X
Cat Ears X
Hair Bow X
Puppy Ears X
Santa Hat X
Unicorn Horn* X
Wedding Veil X
Riot Helmet X X
Baseball Cap X
Bingo Visor X
Bucket Hat X
Bush Hat X
Cork Hat X
Denim Cap X
Fascinator Hat X
Fisherman Hat X
Fur Hat X
Head Scarf X
Helmet of Justice X
Jester's Cap X
Maid Hat X
Mr Torn Crown (all types)** X
Ms Torn Crown (all types)** X
Panama Hat X
Paper Crown : Green X
Paper Crown : Yellow X
Paper Crown : Red X
Paper Crown : Blue X
Assault Helmet X
Combat Helmet X
Construction Helmet X
Dune Helmet X
Leather Helmet X
WWII Helmet X
Durag X
Marauder Face Mask ? ? ? ? ?
Sentinel Helmet ? ? ? ? ?
Tin Foil Hat ? ? ? ? ?

* The Unicorn Horn will not unequip other layer 5 items and will layer over everything except a Sandworm Mask '21.

** Based on testing with a generic Mr Torn Crown and the Ms Torn Crown '11, as not all variants could be secured for testing.

Eye Layers

Items with Eye Layers [2]
Item Layer 5 Layer 4 Layer 3 Layer 2 Layer 1
Cover-ups X
Bandit Mask X
Blindfold X
Glasses X
Heart Sunglasses X
Medical Eye Patch X
Monocle X
Proda Sunglasses X
Reading Glasses X
Shutter Shades X
Snorkel X
Sports Shades X
Square Sunglasses X

Nose Layers

Items with Nose Layers [3]
Item Layer 5 Layer 4 Layer 3 Layer 2 Layer 1
Bunny Nose X
Snorkel X
Head Bandage X

Mouth Layers

Items with Mouth Layers [4]
Item Layer 5 Layer 4 Layer 3 Layer 2 Layer 1
Sandworm Mask '21* X
Pipe X
Anatoly Mask '19 X
Ball Gag X
Bandana X
Chin Diaper X
Donald Trump Mask '16 X
Elon Musk Mask '17 X
Exotic Gentleman Mask X
Ginger Kid Mask X
Greta Mask '19 X
Gronch Mask '18 X
Hell Priest Mask '22 X
Jigsaw Mask '19 X
Kabuki Mask X
Krampus Mask '21 X
Medical Mask X
Michael Myers Mask '18 X
Moustache Man Mask X
Nun Mask X
Old Lady Mask X
Paper Bag X
Pennywise Mask '20 X
Prince Philip Mask '21 X
Psycho Clown Mask X
Queen Elizabeth II Mask '22 X
Santa Beard X
Scarred Man Mask X
Snorkel X
Balaclava X
Ski Mask X
Duke's Gimp Mask ? ? ? ? ?

* The Sandworm Mask layers over and completely covers all other clothing on a character's head and face. It will not unequip other layer 5 clothing.

Neck Layers

Items with Neck Layers [5]
Item Layer 5 Layer 4 Layer 3 Layer 2 Layer 1
Neck Brace X
Bow Tie X
Choker X
Collar X
Fur Scarf X
Neck Tie X
Shoulder Sweater X

Torso Layers

Items with Torso Layers [6]
Item Layer 5 Layer 4 Layer 3 Layer 2 Layer 1
EOD Apron X X X
Hazmat Suit X X
Onesie X X
Poncho X X
Straitjacket X X
Badge : 15th Anniversary* X
Bathrobe X
Bunny Suit X
Denim Jacket X
Duster X
Fur Coat X
Halo Vest X
Hospital Gown X
Mackintosh X
Nightgown X
Nipple Tassels X
Scrooge's Topcoat X
Sports Jacket X
Torso Bandage* X
Trench Coat X
Baseball Jacket X
Basketball Shirt X
Blazer X
Braces X
Cardigan X
Chest Harness X
Collared Shawl X
Denim Jacket X
Floral Dress X
Jacket X
Oversized Shirt X
Puffer Jacket X
Puffer Vest X
Pullover X
Raincoat X
Santa Jacket X
Shrug X
Neck Brace X
Smoking Jacket X
Assault Body X
Bulletproof Vest X
Chain Mail X
Combat Vest X
Delta Body X
Dune Vest X
EOD Apron X
Flexible Body Armor X
Full Body Armor X
Leather Vest X
Liquid Body Armor X
Marauder Body X
Outer Tactical Vest X
Police Vest X
Riot Body X
Ball Gown X
Blouse X
Christmas Sweater '15 X
Crop Top X
Denim Shirt X
Halterneck X
Maid Uniform X
Peplum Top X
Polka Dot Dress X
Polo Shirt X
Silver Hoodie X
String Vest X
Sweater X
Turtleneck X
Waistcoat X
Wedding Dress X
Bikini X
Boob Tube X
Camisole X
Coconut Bra X
Fitted Shirt X
Lingerie X
Mankini X
Mediocre T-Shirt X
Tank Top X
Tube Dress X
Wetsuit X
Respo Hoodie ? ? ? ? ?

* The Badge : 15th Anniversary and Toros Bandages will not unequip other layer 5 items and will layer ontop of all other Torso layers.

Hand Layers

Items with Hand Layers [7]
Item Layer 5 Layer 4 Layer 3 Layer 2 Layer 1
Hazmat Suit X X
Plaster Cast Arm* X
Diving Gloves X
Hook Hand X
Latex Gloves X
Opera Gloves X
Santa Gloves X
Scrooge's Gloves X
Assault Gloves X
Combat Gloves X
Delta Gloves X
Dune Gloves X
EOD Gloves X
Kevlar Gloves X
Leather Gloves X
Marauder Gloves X
Riot Gloves X
Prosthetic Arm ? ? ? ? ?

* The Plaster Cast Arm will not be unequipped with a Hazmat Suit but layers under it.

Leg Layers

Items with Leg Layers [8]
Item Layer 5 Layer 4 Layer 3 Layer 2 Layer 1
Ball Gown X X
Hazmat Suit X X
Wedding Dress X X
Bathrobe X
Duster X
Fur Coat X
Knee Brace* X
Mackintosh X
Plaster Cast Leg* X
Scrooge's Topcoat X
Trench Coat X
Assless Chaps X
Bermudas X
Check Skirt X
Chinos X
Denim Jeans X
Dungarees X
Lolita Dress X
Maid Uniform X
Medical Diaper X
Mini Skirt X
Onesie X
Parachute Pants X
Peg Leg* X
Pencil Skirt X
Peplum Top X
Pinstripe Suit Trousers X
Pleated Skirt X
Polka Dot Dress X
Ripped Jeans X
Saggy Pants X
Santa Trousers X
Scrooge's Trousers X
Shorts X
Skirt X
Suit Trousers X
Sweatpants X
Tutu X
Assault Pants X
Capri Pants X
Combat Pants X
Delta Pants X
Dune Pants X
EOD Pants X
Leather Pants X
Marauder Pants X
Booty Shorts X
Gym Shorts X
Tighty Whities X
Bikini X
Fishnet Stockings** X
Lingerie X
Mankini X
Pantyhose X
Speedo X
Thong X
Tights X
Wetsuit X
Yoga Pants X
Prosthetic Leg ? ? ? ? ?

* The Plaster Cast Leg, Knee Brace, and Peg Leg will not unequip items that occupy the same leg layers, but may be layered over.

** Fishnet stockings do not unequip other leg layer 1 items. [9]

Foot Layers

Items with Foot Layers [10]
Item Layer 5 Layer 4 Layer 3 Layer 2 Layer 1
Ball Gown X X
Hazmat Suit X X
Wedding Dress X X
Flippers X
Santa Boots X
Derby Shoes X
Ballet Shoes X
Black Oxfords X
Denim Shoes X
Flip Flops X
Gold Sneakers X
Kitty Shoes X
Santa Boots X
Knee-high Boots X
Platform Shoes X
Sandals X
Scrooge's Boots X
Silver Flats X
Slippers X
Sports Sneakers X
Trainers X
Assault Boots X
Combat Boots X
Delta Boots X
Dune Boots X
EOD Boots X
Hiking Boots X
Leather Boots X
Marauder Boots X
Riot Boots X
Safety Boots X
Festive Socks X
Golf Socks X
Knee Socks X
Tights X
Travel Socks X
Fishnet Stockings X