Armor Cache

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Armor Cache #1118
Pretty armor does not make a warrior, but it will keep the blood inside your body while you wait for your mates to turn up. This Armor Cache will provide you with one piece of armor. We make no promises that it will stop you from being killed to death.
Supply Pack

Armor Cache is a Supply Pack item that was released 7 December 2021. It is one of the Caches that can be obtained as a purchase from Big Al's Bunker or as a reward for a faction participating in Ranked Warring. One will appear in a faction's Armory when awarded at the conclusion of a ranked war. The contents of a Cache will automatically be placed in the faction's armory upon being opened from the armory (or placed in a player's inventory if opened from an inventory.)

The Armor Cache cannot be sold to a store and cannot be obtained through city finds.

Patch History

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