Blackjack is one of the 11 Casino games. To gain access to Blackjack, you must be Level 4.

How to Play

The aim of the game is to beat the dealer, without going over 21. To do this, you have various options at your disposal; usually Hit or Stand. If the value of your cards goes over 21, you lose the game and your bet.

  1. Both players (you and the dealer) start with 2 cards.
    • You can see both of your cards, but can only see the dealer's first card.
  2. Once you have your two cards you must choose whether to:
    • Hit - draw another card to add to your total
    • Stand - end your turn
    • Double Down - double your bet, draw a single card, then immediately stand.
    • Surrender - forfeit the game, salvanging half of your original bet back.
    • Split (requires both your cards to have the same value) - double your bet and have the ability to play two hands, drawing at least 2 more cards (one new card per hand). You play your second hand once the first split round is completed.
    • Insurance (requires the dealer to be showing an Ace) - This is a side bet that pays 2:1. If the dealer is holding a natural 21, then you win the side bet.
  3. After you end your turn (and you haven't forfeited), the Dealer plays it's automatic round:
    • The dealer will Hit if their current value is 16 or under.
    • The dealer will Stand if their current value is 17 or over.

Card Values

  • Ace - This card can be worth 1 or 11; it will automatically attempt to give you it's biggest value without going over 21.
  • 2-10 - These cards are worth the same value which they represent.
  • Jack, Queen and King - All picture cards are worth 10.

Special Hands

6-Card Charlie

If a player holds six cards and still has not yet busted, this is known as a "6-Card Charlie" (6CC). A 6CC beats any holding except for Blackjack and 6CC. In the event both player and dealer has a 6CC, regular rules apply; that is, the highest total wins.


If you just have an Ace and another card that is worth 10, then you have a blackjack or a natural. This means that your hand is equal to 21 on 2 cards and you win the round as long as the Dealer does not also have a blackjack. Winning with a blackjack pays 2.5x of your original bet.

Variant rules used in Torn Blackjack

(this section is incomplete)

There are many variant rules to blackjack in the real world. Here are the rules used in Torn's casino:

  • The dealer uses eight decks of cards, all shuffled together
  • The dealer stands on a soft 17
  • Players MAY double down on any initial deal
  • Players MAY split if their initial two cards have the same value (including aces)
    • Players MAY double down on hands after splitting
    • Players MAY NOT re-split if they have two cards of the same value after splitting

This list is provided for the convenience of players familiar with multiple blackjack variants.

Patch History

Released prior to Patch list #1

Patch list #192 : 18/05/21
  • Changed Blackjack to use eight decks instead of one
Patch list #30 : 30/01/18
  • Changed Blackjack to shuffle deck after every game

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