Poker is a PVP casino game. This article does not intend to break new ground with Poker theory or strategy, but instead will inform on the nuances of Torn's Poker engine and provide a little bit of helpful guidance.


Poker is a Player vs Player (PVP) Casino game that does not require casino tokens. There are currently 27 permanent tables in operation - each with different stakes, numbers of seats available and time controls.

General Information

This is a player versus player casino game, and does not require casino tokens. You cannot join a poker table while in jail or hospital. You cannot travel while playing, or be traveling when trying to join a game.

How To Play

Each player is dealt two down (or hole) cards that only they can see. A round of betting occurs (sometimes this round of betting cannot include "raises" if "No Pre-flop" has been turned on. This means that there cannot be any raises before the Flop. Three community cards (known as the "flop") are dealt face up in the middle of the table. Another round of betting occurs. A fourth community card (known as the "turn") is dealt face up on the table. Another round of betting occurs. A fifth and final community card (known as the "river") is dealt face up on the table. A final round of betting occurs. The player's hole cards are revealed and the player with the best five-card poker hand wins the pot. Your five card hand can consist of none, one, or both of your hole cards along with five, four, or three of the community cards. If two or more players share the same best hand, the pot is divided equally among the winners.

Card Ranks

Hand Name Description Example
Royal Flush An Ace-High Straight Flush 10 Clubs, Jack Clubs, Queen Clubs, King Clubs, Ace Clubs
Straight Flush A Straight of any one suit. 4 Clubs, 5 Clubs, 6 Clubs, 7 Clubs, 8 Clubs
Four of a Kind Four cards of the same rank. 3 Clubs, 3 Hearts, 3 Diamonds, 3 Spades
Full House Three of a Kind and a Pair Jack Hearts, Jack Clubs, Jack Spades, 5 Hearts, 5, Spades
Flush 5 Cards of the same Suit 4 Clubs, 5 Clubs, 7 Clubs, 10 Clubs, Queen Clubs
Straight 5 Cards of Sequential Rank 2 Diamonds, 3 Spades, 4 Hearts, 5 Clubs, 6 Clubs
Three of a Kind Three Cards of the Same Rank Jack Hearts, Jack Clubs, Jack Spades, Ace Diamonds, 5 Hearts
Two Pairs Two Cards of the Same Rank and Another Two Cards of the Same Rank 2 Hearts, 2 Spades, 7 Diamonds, 7 Hearts, 10 Spades
One Pair Two Cards of the Same Rank 2 Hearts, 2 Spades, 3 Diamonds, 5 Hearts, 10 Spades
High Card When you don't have any of the above

Poker Guides

Please take everything on this page from this point onwards with a grain of salt. Both the following guide and the preflop chart below are pretty lousy, and I will be remaking them in the coming weeks - Prox.


Pre-Flop Strategy

This chart will help you decide what to do pre-flop in Texas Holdem Poker. Please note that everyone plays differently and this does not mean you will do any better or worse, this is meant solely for reference purposes. Also note that this does not apply to the stupid torn only no pre-flop version of poker (obviously).



Patch History

Released prior to Patch list #1

Patch list #110 : 10/09/19
  • Closed old Poker system.
Patch list #93 : 14/05/19
  • Released Poker 2.0 public beta.
Patch list #70 : 20/11/18
  • Added money held in Bookies 2.0 and Poker 2.0 to current networth calculation.
Patch list #54 : 31/07/18
  • Opened up the first stage of Poker 2.0's closed beta.

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