Drug Pack

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Drug Pack #370
A drug pack from Symbiotic Ltd. Contains either 10x Xanax or 10x Vicodin.
Provides 10 Xanax or 10 Vicodin when opened.
Supply Pack

Drug Pack is a Supply Pack item that can be found in the city. It can also be acquired via SYM's Benefit block, and as a Subscriber Reward

Possible Contents

Upon opening a Drug Pack, the player will receive one of the rewards listed below

Reward Effect Overdose Effect
10 Xanax
  • + 250 Energy
  • + 75 Happy
  • - 35% to all Fighting stats
  • Cool down: 360-480 minutes
  • 35 Addiction Points
  • - 100% Energy, Nerve and Happy
  • Hospital: 5000 minutes
  • Increased cool down (~24-25 hours)& addiction
10 Vicodin
  • + 25% to all Fighting stats
  • + 75 Happy
  • Cool down: 240-360 minutes
  • - 150 Happy

Patch History

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