Donator Pack

Donator Pack #283
A Torn City donator pack. Using this will credit you with 31 donator days and give you 50 points!
Provides 31 days of donator status and 50 points upon opening.
Sell Price

The Donator Pack is a Special item that can be obtained by donating money to Torn. It adds 31 days of donator status to your account and 50 points when opened.

Donator Pack is also one of the outcomes from Wheel of Awesome.

This item can be sold for a price lower than market value at the Pawn Shop, and can be traded among players.


  • Upon purchasing 3 × 25 Donator Packs from the donator shop, the user will gain access to purchasing 50 donator packs and to purchasing a custom number of donator packs.
    • Any future purchases involving more than 50 Donator Packs will immediately grant the customer 5 bonus points per involved donator packs
    • Bonus points start at 255 points (51 DP) and cap at 49,995 (9,999 DP: max input box)
  • An account can unlock having a Blue Name option by donating a certain amount of money. The exact amount can't be confirmed (it is rumored to be $1,000 USD).

Donator packs expire at 1 p.m. TCT on the final day they are active.

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