Pack of Blank CDs : 100

Not to be confused with Pack of Blank CDs : 250, Pack of Blank CDs : 50, or Pack of Music CDs

Pack of Blank CDs : 100 #44
Writable CDs for recording music or saving data.
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Pack of Blank CDs : 100 is an Electronics item that can be purchased from and sold to the Super Store and acquired through shoplifting.

The Pack of Blank CDs : 100 was one of the items available at the official launch of Torn on 15 November 2004, having been introduced during the Torn City Beta.

The item currently has no use outside of being sold.


The Pack of Blank CDs : 100 can be purchased from the Torn City Super Store. It can also be obtained through the "Computer Stall" shoplifting crime at any Crime Experience level, found through city finds and can be traded between players.

Historical Notes

The Pack of Blank CDs : 100 was originally known as the "Pack of Blank CDs." It was updated [1] to its current name and image on 14 February 2019, along with the addition of the Pack of Blank CDs : 250 and Pack of Blank CDs : 50.

In the past there was a Market Stall shoplift crime explicitly for Packs of Blank CDs. [2] At the time, there was only one Pack of Blank CDs item, so the Pack of Blank CDs : 250 and the Pack of Blank CDs : 50 could not be obtained this way. Stealing the Pack of Blank CDs : 100 was consolidated into the "Music Stall" shoplift crime.

Image History

Pack of Blank CDs : 100 Image History
Years Used Image
2007 or earlier to July 2012 ukmRWpq.png *
July 2012 [3] to 14 February 2019 3xhkbse.jpg
14 February 2019 to present WD4FqrC.png

* This image was a higher resolution, but the higher resolution version was likely lost to time.

Patch History

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