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This item is retired and can no longer be obtained. All information on this page is kept for archival purposes. All Blank DVDs : 50s became Blank DVDs
Blank DVDs : 50 #957
This spindle pack of 50 writable DVD-R DVDs are suitable for video and data applications, and compatible with a variety of different drives.
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Blank DVDs : 50 is a depreciated Electronics item that was able to be purchased from and sold to the Super Store. They were added to the game during Christmas Town 2021, and retired on 19 March 2024. All Blank DVDs : 50 became Blank DVDs.

The Blank DVDs : 50 was used in Bootlegging crimes. 50 DVDs were added to a player's total number available for use in the crime every time a Blank DVDs : 50 was used.


The Blank DVDs : 50, Blank DVDs : 100 and Blank DVDs : 250 were all combined into the Blank DVDs item on 19 March 2024. As Blank DVDs each add 250 DVDs to a player's Bootlegging stockpile, this change was a buff for players holding Blank DVDs : 50s, as each of their Blank DVDs : 50s now contained 200 extra DVDs.

1,006,022 Blank DVDs : 50s were converted to Blank DVDs.

Historical Notes

The Blank DVDs : 50 was added to the game's code on 14 February 2019, and were originally known as "Pack of Blank CDs : 50." [1] The item's name was updated to Blank DVDs : 50 on 4 July 2023 alongside the release of the Bootlegging crime. [2]

Blank DVDs : 50s were first introduced to the game in December of 2021, when DUKE [4] put 10,000 of them in the Dump. While the item originally had no use, it was commonly sold for between $200,000-300,000 due to scarcity caused by a year and a half long period where no new Blank DVDs : 50s were introduced to the game. When the Blank DVDs : 50s were given a use with the release of Bootlegging on 4 July 2023, the price steeply crashed as players realized the Blank DVDs : 50s were inferior to their easily obtainable 100 and 250 quantity counterparts.


The Blank DVDs : 50 is the shortest-lived item in Torn's history, having existed for only about two years and four months before being depreciated. It was usable in Bootlegging for about eight and a half months.

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