Blowtorch #1320
This disposable butane blowtorch is versatile enough to be used in the kitchen, at the workshop, or in your secret torture chamber beneath the laundrette on the east side of town. Its controllable nozzle allows the user to alter the size and intensity of the flame. Making crème brulée? A medium flame with pinpoint precision is preferred. Burning the hair from someone's scalp? You'll want to go with a wide nozzle on low so you can really take your time to enjoy the smell.
Used during the production of forgery projects.
Sell Price

Blowtorch is a Material item that can be found as a result from crimes.

It is required for the Forgery crime during the production of Police Badges.


Blowtorch can be found randomly through city finds, and as a result from the following crimes:



Blowtorch can be sold for $65 at Bits 'n' Bobs.


Having a Blowtorch in a player's inventory is required for the firing step of Police Badge projects.

One unit of Blowtorch may be consumed to increase the amount of charges available to 100%. Each attempt at firing a Police Badge will use 25% of the available Blowtorch charges.

Historical Notes

Blowtorches were first introduced with the release of Burglary during Crimes 2.0's early access on 12 September 2023, found by burglarizing some residential and industrial targets.

The Blowtorch was originally an Other item. It was updated to a Material item on 01 April 2024.

Patch History

Released in Patch list #