Sapphire Ring

Sapphire Ring #52
A sapphire ring.
Can be used to propose to someone with.
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Sapphire Ring is a Jewelry item that can be purchased from and sold to the Jewelry store. It can also be acquired via shoplifting.

The Sapphire Ring was one of the items available at the official launch of Torn on 15 November 2004, having been introduced during the Torn City Beta. [1]

The Sapphire Ring is equipped on the left hand and cannot be equipped concurrently with other rings. The Sapphire Ring layers over all equipped Clothing and Armor except for the Bunny Suit, Hazmat Suit, and Prosthetic Arm, which it layers under. [2]


Sapphire Ring equipped on a player, seen on the left hand


The Sapphire Ring can be purchased from the Jewelry store. In Crimes 1.0 it can also be obtained through the "Ring" shoplifting crime, found through city finds, obtained through the use of a Christmas Cracker, [3] and can be traded between players.

The Sapphire Ring is more common as a Crimes 1.0 shoplifting result when a player's Crime Experience is lower.

The Sapphire Ring can be found as a result of the following crimes:


  • "Jewelry Store" (quantity between one - two)


  • "Bungalow" (quantity one)
  • "Funeral Director" (quantity one (requires Lockpicks)


The Sapphire Ring can be used to propose to another player and begin the Marriage process.

Related Awards

Sapphire Ring related Awards
Image Name Requirements
566282329.png Candy Man Achieve 1,000 theft crime
486487597.png Smile, You're On Camera Achieve 2,500 theft crimes
529618516.png Smokin' Barrels Achieve 5,000 theft crimes
374334948.png Breaking And Entering Achieve 7,500 theft crimes
721231605.png Stroke Bringer Achieve 10,000 theft crimes

Historical Notes

The ability to equip the Sapphire Ring was added in August 2020. [4]

Image History

Sapphire Ring Image History
Years Used Image
2006* to ~2010 [5] 5Gnzh8n.png **
~2010 to July 2012 [6] Gd5DAcf.png
July 2012 to 19 December 2017 [7] LkG79hQ.jpg
19 December 2017 to present [8] xQtJk2G.png

* Items did not have images prior to 2006.

** This image is a low-quality version. The full-resolution version of this image has likely been lost to time.

Patch History

Released in Patch list #

Patch list #156 : 25/08/2020
  • Added equipping of all Jewelry items


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