Brass Ingot

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Brass Ingot #1252
When a block of zinc and a block of copper love each other very much, they form an alloy known as brass. However, brass can also be acquired directly from the idiom mines, where phrases like "bold as brass," "the top brass," and "I couldn't give a brass monkeys" can be carved from the earth, before being melted down and refined. This brass ingot weighs approximately as much as you think it might.
Used during the production of forgery projects.
Sell Price

Brass Ingot is an Material item that is used during the production of Forgery projects.

Brass Ingot can be obtained from the following crimes:

Brass Ingot can be sold for $100 at Bits 'n' Bobs.

Historical Notes

Prior to release, the Brass Ingot was known as the "Steel Ingot" in the game's code. This was changed on 28 March 2023. The image was updated from a steel to brass ingot at some point before June of 2023.

Brass Ingot/Steel Ingot used to be Collectible item.

Patch History

Released in Patch list #