Crushed Enamel

Crushed Enamel #1319
This tub contains 200 grams of crushed enamel suitable for all kinds of craft and household projects. Whether you're making a decorative mosaic for your bathroom or something else equally ugly and pointless, this distinctive and radiant material can be used to create a rustic and durable finish. And the best part is it's less fiddly than glitter.
Used during the production of forgery projects.
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Crushed Enamel is a Material item that can be found as a result from crimes.

It is required for the Forgery crime during the production of Police Badges.


Crushed Enamel can be found as a result from the following crimes:




Having Crushed Enamel in a player's inventory is required for the graving step of Police Badge projects.

One unit of Crushed Enamel may be consumed to increase the amount of charges available to 100%. Each attempt at graving a Police Badge will use 4% of the available Crushed Enamel charges.

Historical Notes

Crushed Enamel was first introduced with the introduction of the Print Store on 11 September 2023, where it could be purchased for $45. It was later removed from the Print Store on 06 October 2023.

Crushed Enamel was originally an Other item. It was updated to a Material item on 01 April 2024.

Patch History

Released in Patch list #