Bonded Latex

Bonded Latex #1333
Bonded latex is a flexible and adaptable material that is made by fusing several layers of latex together under high heat and pressure. This is not too dissimilar to the way in which a toasted cheese sandwich is made, but that is there where the comparisons end. Bonded latex sheets can be used to upholster furniture, make yoga mats, and provide comfort and reassurance to adult bed-wetters.
Used during the production of forgery projects.
Sell Price

Bonded Latex is a Material item that can be found as a result from crimes.

It is required for the Forgery crime during the production of Passports.

Bonded Latex can be sold for $15 at Bits 'n' Bobs.


Bonded Latex can be obtained as a result from the following crimes:



Having Bonded Latex in a player's inventory is required for the production of Passport projects.

One unit of Bonded Latex is consumed during the latex wrapping step of Passport projects.

Historical Notes

Bonded Latex was first introduced with the release of Burglary during Crimes 2.0's early access on 12 September 2023, found by burglarizing markets.

Bonded Latex was originally an Other item. It was updated to a Material item on 01 April 2024.

Patch History

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