Bag of Bon Bons

Not to be confused with Box of Bon Bons

Bag of Bon Bons #37
A pack of Bon Bons. Provides a small happiness increase when consumed.
Increases happiness by 25 and booster cooldown by 30 minutes.
Sell Price

Bag of Bon Bons is a Candy item that can be acquired through shoplifting. The Bag of Bon Bons can be sold to (but not purchased at) Sally's Sweet Shop.

The Bag of Bon Bons was one of the items available at the official launch of Torn on 15 November 2004, having been introduced during the Torn City Beta. [1]


Eating a Bag of Bon Bons will increase a player's happiness by 25 and will increase Booster Cooldown by 30 minutes.

The Bag of Bon Bons is occasionally used as a cheap Candy deposit at the Pot game in Christmas Town.


In Crimes 1.0 the Bag of Bon Bons can be obtained through the "A Few Bags of Bonbons" shoplifting crime. It can also be found through city finds, given as a reward from the "Candy" slot on the Wheel of Lame, be obtained through the use of a Christmas Cracker, [2] and can be traded between players.

The Bag of Bon Bons can be found as a result of the following crimes:

Search For Cash:

  • "Search the Subway" (quantity one)


  • "Sally's Sweet Shop" (quantity between one - three)


  • "Recruitment Agency" (quantity two)

A Bag of Bon Bons can be obtained by winning the Pot game in Christmas Town if one was added to the pot by a player.

The Bag of Bon Bons can be obtained through two job specials; the Grocer job special to steal a bag of candy for two Grocer Points and the "Bagged Down" 1* special at a Grocery Store for two job points. [3]


The Voracity branch of Faction upgrades has ten upgrades for Candy happiness gains in 5% increments.

The 'Absorption" 7* special at Grocery Stores gives 10% extra happiness from the usage of a Bag of Bon Bons.

Booster Cooldown incurred from usage of any item is reduced by 10% from the "Fast Metabolism" 3* special at Grocery Stores and 25% from the "Professional Metabolism" 10* special at Restauraunts.

Like all Candy items, the Bag of Bon Bons provides triple the regular happiness gains starting from 12 hours before, to 12 hours after, World Diabetes Day (November 14.)

Without any Faction perks, a Bag of Bon Bons will give 28 happiness with Absorption, 75 happiness on World Diabetes Day, and 83 happiness with both. The table below shows happiness gains when Faction perks are applied.

Bag of Bon Bons Happy Gains
Active Bonuses Candy effect I Candy effect II Candy effect III Candy effect IV Candy effect V Candy effect VI Candy effect VII Candy effect VII Candy effect IX Candy effect X
No Other Bonus 26 28 29 30 31 33 34 35 36 37
With Absorption 29 30 32 33 34 36 37 39 40 41
World Diabetes Day 79 83 86 90 94 98 101 105 109 113
World Diabetes Day and Absorption 87 91 95 99 103 107 111 116 120 124

Related Awards

Bag of Bon Bons related Awards
Image Name Requirements
614179864.png Diabetic Eat 500 bags of candy
566282329.png Candy Man Achieve 1,000 theft crime
486487597.png Smile, You're On Camera Achieve 2,500 theft crimes
529618516.png Smokin' Barrels Achieve 5,000 theft crimes
374334948.png Breaking And Entering Achieve 7,500 theft crimes
721231605.png Stroke Bringer Achieve 10,000 theft crimes

Historical Notes

Prior to an update on 12 July 2012 that added the option for players to eat a Bags of Bon Bons for happiness gains, the item had no use. [4]

The Bag of Bon Bons was originally referred to as the "Pack of Bon Bons." It was updated to its current name in the summer of 2012. [5]

Image History

Bag of Bon Bons Image History
Years Used Image
2006* to ~2010 [6] 37.0.png **
~2010 to July 2012 [7] 37.1.png
July 2012 to 12 September 2023 [8] 37.2.png
12 September 2023 to present [9] 37.3.png

* Items did not have images prior to 2006.

** This image is a low-quality version. The full-resolution version of this image has likely been lost to time.

Patch History

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