Personal Computer

For computer Rig builds in Crimes 2.0, please see Cracking

Personal Computer #61
A high-tech personal computer. Can be used to program viruses.
Can be used to program viruses.
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Personal Computer is an Electronics item that can be purchased from and sold to the Super Store, where it is the most expensive item available. It can also be acquired via Larceny and is the most expensive item (by sell price) that can be obtained from larceny crimes.

The Personal Computer was one of the items available at the official launch of Torn on 15 November 2004, having been introduced during the Torn City Beta. [1]


An image of the Personal Computer interface


The Personal Computer can be purchased from the Super Store. In Crimes 1.0 it can also be acquired via the "Apartment" and "Office" Larceny crimes. The Personal Computer can be traded between players. Personal Computers cannot be found through city finds. [2]

The Personal Computer can be found as a result of the following crimes:

Search For Cash:

  • "Search the Junkyard" (quantity two)


  • "Super Store" (quantity between one - two)


  • "Classy Lady" (quantity one)
  • "Drunk Woman" (quantity one)
  • "Gang Member" (quantity one)


  • "Cleaning Agency" (quantity one)
  • "Dentists Office" (quantity one)
  • "Recruitment Agency" (quantity three)
  • "Self-Storage Facility" (quantity one)

A Personal Computer can be found with a High-Speed Drive and Blank DVDs : 250 one time per player as a unique result for the "Apartment" Burglary subcrime when a player has a Credit Card in their inventory. A Burglary skill level of ~14 is also needed to find Apartments.


The Personal computer can be used to program Viruses after the required Education courses have been completed. A personal computer (or Laptop / Gold Laptop) is required to attempt the "Plant a Computer Virus" and "Hacking" crimes, and the Bootlegging and Cracking crimes in Crimes 2.0. Personal Computers can be destroyed during a critical fail in Bootlegging crimes.

Related Awards

Personal Computer related Awards
Image Name Requirements
159019175.png Silicon Valley Program 100 viruses
566282329.png Candy Man Achieve 1,000 theft crime
486487597.png Smile, You're On Camera Achieve 2,500 theft crimes
529618516.png Smokin' Barrels Achieve 5,000 theft crimes
374334948.png Breaking And Entering Achieve 7,500 theft crimes
721231605.png Stroke Bringer Achieve 10,000 theft crimes

Historical Notes

As the Personal Computer was added to the game before Viruses, it presumably originally had no use. The Virus programming functionality would have been added with Viruses in late 2004. [3]

Image History

Personal Computer Image History
Years Used Image
2006* to ~2010 [4] GTh1HMc.png
~2010 to present [5] EXAp6lu.jpg

* Items did not have images prior to 2006.

Patch History

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