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  • Torn is a game where you must train hard to defeat the competition. You must use strategy and choose your friends wisely if you want to come out on top, for they may betray you here. Torn offers both individual and team play aspects, that can take as little or as much time as you'd like. You could spend all day in the Gym training to beat your competition, or join a Faction and work as a team to destroy it. Same could be said criminally as well with solo or faction Crimes. eg. Robbing a bank or hijacking a plane. Have a read of this tutorial and you will have a much better understanding of the game... Good luck!


  • As you can see, the Sidebar holds and categorizes most of the important links you are likely to need on a daily basis. All of these links will be talked about in detail later on in the tutorial. As well as this tutorial, there are also mini-tutorials that can be accessed on each page by clicking the "Tutorial" button, which gives you further detailed information.


  • Energy is primarily used for training at the gym, costing between 5 and 25 energy per train depending on which gym you join. You can also use energy for attacking other players at a cost of 25 energy per attack. Energy is also used for praying and searching the dump.
  • As a non-donator, you receive 5 energy every 15 minutes up to a maximum energy of 100. If you are a donator then you receive 5 energy every 10 minutes with a maximum energy of 150.
  • Other than time, there are several ways of acquiring more energy such as:
    • A refill via points which costs 25 points and is available once a day from the Points Building.
    • By using various Energy drinks gaining 5/10/15/20/25/30 energy each.
    • Using FHCs, which refills your energy bar.
    • You can also take Drugs such as Xanax, which will give an additional 250 energy or LSD which gives an additional 50 energy (all drugs have a small, random chance of causing an overdose and increase your addiction level).
    • Finally Companies such as Candle Shops, Farms and Game Shops allow users to trade job points for energy each day.
  • The maximum amount of energy you can have at any one time is 1,000. Reaching this for the first time will award the player with an honor bar.


  • Happiness has a fairly important impact on gameplay. Your happiness increases when you upgrade your housing, whether this is by hiring new staff or moving to a new property altogether. Happiness has an effect on stat gains at the gym, a higher happiness will increase your base gym gain. Happiness also affects crime success rate, so ensure that you have a higher happiness level when committing crimes. The most notable way to restore a happy bar back to its full level is by flying to Switzerland and rehabilitating for $250,000, it should be noted that this can only be done if you have drug addiction - no matter how small. You can also increase your happiness through various company specials or by using an Erotic DVD which increases your happiness by 2500 or other items such as candies which give far smaller happiness increases.
  • The maximum happiness you can have at any one time is 99,999. Reaching this for the first time will award the player with an honor bar.
  • You are able to go over your maximum base happy but be warned your happiness doesn't stay like that, it will reset to its maximum base every fifteen minutes on the hour at xx:15 xx:30 xx:45 and xx:00. This means that if you go over your maximum happiness, you only have a small time frame to use it or lose it! Be aware of the current time before doing anything that would drastically increase your happiness over maximum!
  • With each battle stat train in a gym, you will lose some happy. The amount of happy loss is 40-60% of the energy used per train. The happy loss wouldn't change with the source of the energy you used for training (natural/drugs/energy drinks/refills).
*Ex: (5 x 10 E trains) You used 50 energy and 27 happiness training your defense 5 times in Force Training increasing it by xxxxx to xxxxxxx


  • Nerve is an integral part of game play. You start off with a maximum nerve bar of 10, which gradually increases in increments of 5 as you successfully complete crimes and gain crime experience. There is no limit to one's maximum natural nerve, although each increment will be harder to achieve. There is also a realistic cap that is currently unknown. You lose a small percentage of your crime experience every time you fail a crime and if you fall below the minimum crime experience for a natural nerve bar level then you will drop to the previous level. You are able to modify your nerve bar by spending Merits, which will allow you to increase your nerve by a maximum of 10. There are also various company specials which increase your nerve bar.
  • The maximum nerve you can have at any one time is 32,767.
  • See this Nerve Bar Guide for a more comprehensive look into crimes and crime experience.


  • Battle stats consist of...

Speed: Makes you hit opponents more often; higher chance of running away from an opponent.

Strength: Makes you hit your opponents for more damage.

Defense: Makes your opponent hit you for less damage.

Dexterity: The more dexterity, the more likely your opponent is going to miss. Dexterity also helps you avoid being seen when you attack someone (stealth attack). This also works the other way around, you will be more likely to see who attacks you.

  • Working stats consists of...

Manual labour: Needed for jobs such as the army

Intelligence: Needed for jobs like, programming. Intelligence also helps some crimes.

Endurance: Needed for tough, long-lasting jobs!

  • All of the stats are important in their own ways, feel free to enhance one stat more than the others or keep all of them around the same.


  • By clicking on the Home link, you can see nearly all of your stats. Most of them apart from EXP and Crime experience which are hidden. The 'Home' page shows basically everything about your account, and can be customized.


  • If anything happens to your account, for instance... If someone tries to attack you or if someone busts you out of jail, you will receive an event. You will know when you have an event as the link on the sidebar will go bold and show you how many new events you have.
  • You have several options with your events, you can save them which means you can always view them on your account, you can also send events through the use of an arrow at the end of your events and receive events from others through 'received events'. You can delete all types of events individually at any time, or you can choose the delete all option at the bottom of the page, which will delete everything in your events except those you have saved. Please remember to click save on anything you wish to keep, they will be stored on the 'saved events' page, events will be deleted periodically from our server meaning you will lose older events unless they are saved.


  • Your Torn City mailbox is like an email account, players can send you messages and you can send them messages. Like events, when you receive a new mail, the link on the sidebar will go bold.
  • You can not send mails to multiple people at once. You can view all the mail statistics in your personal statistics.
  • Your mailbox offers you several features to enhance your socializing on Torn City. You have a save option which will allow you to save a message indefinitely, you can locate this by clicking on the icon in your mailbox that looks like a disc.
  • You also have an ignore feature which will prevent other players from mailing you or being able to send you events. So if someone is constantly mailing and you do not wish to speak to them, you can click the ignore link at the top of your mailbox.
  • The ignore feature also has the last remaining remnants of "The most of lists" by showing you who some of the most ignored players are, Friends List and blacklists once shared said feature.
  • You can delete your mails by simply clicking the trash can icon located next to each mail you receive, at the bottom of the page you can delete them all at once.
  • You may also send yourself mail by composing a message and sending it to your own id. Great for setting reminders for the next day, or saving and reviewing at a later time.
  • Please note mails do delete off of our server. After you have 250 mails in your inbox the older mails will begin to delete periodically. So if there is something you wish to keep please use the save mail option in your mailbox to prevent losing anything you might need.
  • Once you have opened a mail and read it you will notice right above it there are several options. Most of them are located on the main mailbox page, however once reading a mail you will have the option to report a mail. This is what you would use to report a mail to Staff members. Alternatively when opening your mailbox you can place a tick in the box next to mails you wish to delete and scroll to the bottom of the page and choose "Delete selected", this will then delete those you have placed a tick next too.



  • There are many ways to make a profit, a long term way of getting cash would be to apply up for a Job. Different jobs give different incomes, but you may need certain stats to sign up to them. You can gain Working Stats by actually doing the job and taking education courses, we talk about education in more detail later. Within each job there are different ranks. When you have enough stats you can click 'Get promoted' and you will go up to the next rank in that job which will give you more stats and income per day.

Finding a Job

  • You get job specials by going up ranks. To move up a rank in a starter job you must meet the work stats and job points indicated. When you reach a certain rank, you will receive a job special. Specials may unlock places in the game, help out your stats and even find private information about other players, e.g. stats. They can cost job points and sometimes cash too.

Job specials

  • You get job specials by going up ranks. When you reach a certain rank, you will receive a job special. Specials may unlock places in the game, help out your stats and even find private information about other players, e.g. stats. They cost job points and sometimes cash too.


  • You can purchase and become the director of a Company at level 10, you can work for a company at level 3. Before purchasing a company be aware that a company takes time, effort, and money to become successful.
  • You can find company listings in the newspaper under Job Listings. Here you can find a company you would like to work for, or you have the option to create a new one.
  • It is important to do some research on the companies before purchasing a new one, be sure to view how many companies there already are of the type you want to run, the more companies in the same industry- the more competition you will have. Each company offers different specials and different ways to earn working stats, so again it's important to know what you want when opening a company or joining one as an employee.
  • Please be aware each company has working stat levels that benefit it more than others. There is a brief description of this at the top of each company page under the job listings. It would be to your benefit to try to find employees who fit these working stats when hiring, or if you are wanting to work for a company, see where your working stats fit most appropriately before applying to one.
  • Also with regard to job points, employees and directors gain job points based on how many stars their company has.They will gain 1 job point per day per star of the company. i.e. a 1 star company gives 1 job point per day, while a 10* gives 10 job points.
  • Job Specials and Director Trains will be locked until a newly hired employee has been in a position for 3 days.


  • Before you can begin training your fighting stats in the Gym, you must buy and activate a gym membership. You can buy one by looking in the newspaper and clicking 'Local Gyms', though the process has also been added to the gym page as well. Once you have purchased and activated a gym membership, you can then train at the 'Gym' link on your sidebar. You also have the choice to train between Speed, Strength, Defense or Dexterity, but some memberships specialize only on certain stats.
  • There are 33 gyms in Torn. To unlock new gyms, simply train. You'll slowly gain Gym Experience, which will allow you to access new and better gyms which also require a fee to join. After that, you'll just need to buy membership and activate it.


  • Education will help you gain working stats, plus each tier of courses offers bonuses as you complete more classes. You will need to complete the introductory classes before you may enter the intermediate classes, and complete all of the intermediate classes before you can take on a bachelor's course. Each course requires you to pay some cash and energy to start, these fees, however, can be mitigated through certain stock benefits. Each course will take a certain amount of days to complete; some as few as 7, some require up to 60 days to complete. The times vary for each course, there are certain things that you can do to shorten the length of a course, they involve either having a certain faction special, a certain type of company special, using merits, or using the item 'Book of Christmas Carols', but those things are optional and you can just wait for it to finish too. You may be kicked from your education if you have a drug addiction. If this happens you must restart the course from the beginning. There is no set amount of drugs you can take before you get kicked, so be careful!



  • As well as getting cash for doing Crimes, you also get crime experience allowing you to do better at the other crimes. Once you have done a crime, you must wait a while for your Nerve bar to fill up again. Some items can also help fill up your Nerve bar. You get 1 Nerve point for your Nerve bar every five minutes. Once you reach a certain amount of crime EXP, your Nerve bar will grow in size, enabling you to store more Nerve in your Nerve bar. There are also however a few other ways on raising your Nerve bar such as company specials, faction specials, and merits.


  • Each crime has many outcomes depending on the results, you'll either experience a green, blue, or red result, possible outcomes could be jail, hospital, being fined, earning money, escaping from the cops, the list is endless. Your crime experience will not be affected by brown results that end in failing or escaping. But if you go to jail, it is a completely different matter.


  • By going to Jail you lose a large amount of crime experience. It is very important that you avoid jail at all costs, not only are you stuck in there for a long time, but it can leave a big dent in your crime experience. It may take a long time to regain it again.


  • In the Newspaper you can find the latest news generated by other Torn users like yourself, as well as chronicles on past events and other forms of news, ie. classified ads and popular bazaar listings. Torn City Times also has pages to the hall of fame, properties, job listings, bounties, and many other common staples you'd expect from your local newspaper such as stock market details, freebies, horoscopes, and even the comics section.
  • The Hall of Fame found in Torn City Times shows the best players in the game, the properties page shows off different houses for leasing and sale in Torn, the job listings shows all the jobs and different companies possible for you to join, bounties is a great opportunity to make money through hospitalizing some of Torn's more notorious users, and a key feature in common with all these sections is they involve the user in some way or another, so be sure to check it all out!


  • You go to the Jail if you do a crime and get caught by the cops, you can also go in for failing a faction organized crime. When in there, you are restricted access to most of the pages in Torn. You can try to escape from jail while in there using half your total nerve. When not in jail, you can also bust or buy people out of jail. Busting will get them out of jail. Certain things to take into consideration If you bust them out, you will be rewarded with crime experience, which also helps you do other crimes easier. Level also plays a role in making busting, it is easier at higher levels, and easier to bust lower levels. If you take the risk of busting someone out and get caught, you will go to jail yourself. Buying them out will not do anything, just cost you cash.


  • You get sent to Hospital if someone attacks you and wins, or if you attack someone and lose. You can also be put in the hospital by overdosing on drugs, failing a crime or even being a victim to one, failing a Factions organized crime can do so as well. You can end up in the hospital for losing a game of Russian Roulette, falling ill to radiation poisoning, opening the wrong package, or even crashing your car in a race. If people hospitalize you when they have finished the attack, you will be sent to hospital for a lot longer than usual. Hospitalizing does not benefit anyone unless they are collecting a bounty or starting a chain, it mainly puts the target in hospital for longer. You can use morphine, small first aid kits and first aid kits to get yourself out of the hospital. If you have had the education class for using blood bags, you can use a blood bag to get out. If you are not currently on a drug, you can use the Drug Opium to get out. Finally, you can have another player revive you to get you out. They must have the capability to revive and also the energy required to revive someone.


  • A place to chill out and maybe win yourself a little cash! Details of how to play the games are in the Casino. You will need to have casino tokens to play all the games currently listed in casino except Poker and the Bookie.


for information on the preferences please refer to the following page:




  • Firstly, before you attack, you must have ammo loaded into your gun, you can do this by going to your items page and clicking on your ammo locker at the top. You must also have your target chosen. You are more likely to beat someone who has less stats than you and someone who does not have a good weapon, if you lose, you could find yourself in hospital for quite a long time. The Drug Vicodin increases all Fighting Stats by 25% for the duration of the drug. You need 25 energy for each attack. Donation status raises your total energy to 150 from 100, so as a donator you can make 6 attacks in a row, and you can refill once a day for 25 Points in the 'City' page under 'Points Building' or through the use of a factions armory, and make 12 attacks at once. use of a points refill renews once a day. You can also increase the number of attacks you can make by taking the Drug Xanax. It will increase your energy by 250, allowing for an additional 10 attacks. However, it will also lower your battle stats by 35% so you may only want to use Xanax for attacking lower level targets.


  • When you begin attacking someone, you must select which weapon you wish to use. It is probably a good idea if you are battling someone with a lot of dexterity to hit them with a melee weapon. Melee weapons are quite easy to hit your opponent with, they do not miss as much as secondary and primary weapons. Once you have clicked on the weapon you are using, it will bring you to another page showing you the results of that turn... eg. Using your Dual Axes you hit -Clansdancer in the throat for 1523 damage
  • You can view the images to either side of the text above and see how much 'life' you and your opponent have remaining. Then click on the weapon you want to use once again. You keep doing this until the battle is over. If you beat your target, you have three choices. a) Leave them, b) Mug them and c) Hospitalize them. Leaving them will do nothing extra to them- They will go to hospital for a short period, you will only gain level experience. Mugging them will usually get you some of their cash, you will still get a little exp too, but you will probably also annoy them! Last you have hospitalize, this will put them in the hospital for a very long period but you will gain very low exp. If they are in a faction, this could start a war.


  • Hospitalize
When you Hospitalize someone they will go to hospital for a period of time, this is usually between 3 and 3.5 hours.
  • Mugging
When you mug someone you will steal some of their money. You will usually get between 1% and 10% of what they are carrying depending on merits spent on "Masterful Looting", sometimes you wont find anything.
  • Leaving Them
When you leave someone they will go to Hospital for a period of time, usually between 30 and 40 minutes. This action only gives experience.

Weapons and Armor

  • Better weapons will increase your damage, armor will decrease the enemy's damage to you. Pretty simple really. Weapons are very important as some can even triple your damage! Be sure you choose the right weapon for your stats though, check the details of each weapon before you buy them. Accuracy is a great asset to any set of stats.


  • In order to attack someone using one of your guns, which is any weapon other then the Melee types, you need to first buy some ammo for that specific weapon and then load one of the clips into that gun. During Attacking, you can reload ammo clips, but you cannot buy more clips, so if you run out you will have to switch to a different weapon.


  • One of the most important things in the game is leveling. You get EXP (which, like crime experience, you cannot see) every time you use the gym, do crimes and attack people. Unlike most games, it is very hard to level. You need to do a lot of crimes to go up! When you are able to go up a level, you will be notified in your home. By gaining Levels, as well as many other benefits, you also get access to special areas. For example, some of the areas are shown below. Please keep in mind there are pros and cons to everything and leveling is not an exception. If you level too quickly, your stats will not be equal to those who took their time, this leaves you wide open to being what is known as a 'leveling target'. Basically you become the high level with low stats everyone uses for experience.

Level 4 - Play Blackjack in the Casino!

Level 5 - Auction House, sell your items to the highest bidder!

Level 5 - Missions, (some easy, some hard) to earn some cash!

Level 7 - Russian roulette, challenge people and win big money!

Level 10 - Take out loan, if you need extra cash!

Level 15 - Travel agency, travel to other countries around the world!


About items

  • All items you own are in your Items page. You can view them by clicking 'Items' on your sidebar. With some items you can perform certain tasks, such as [Equip][Unequip][Sell][Send][Call][Open][Eat][Drink][Watch][Enlist][Propose][Trash]. You can send any item you want to someone if you need to, you can equip items which are weapons or armor so you can use them when battling, you can also use and take many other types of items. When something like 'use' is clicked, you will carry out the specific task which the item does. The images name can also take you to an info page, highlighting interesting statistics such as the items value, circulation in the city and offers a detailed description of the items, so to learn more of any specific item, click directly on their name.
  • Some items come with a Item Cooldown, such as cans, bottles, candy, FHCs, DVDs, and stat enhancers. These sorts of items cannot be used together. Similarly Drugs come with a cooldown effect, though drugs cooldown effects can do a host of different things, and is also applied to drug overdoses.


About factions

  • Factions are one of the main parts of Torn. By joining one, you agree to work with the other members to make your faction the best. While in a faction you will need to participate with the other members in organized crimes, requires teamwork, meaning you have to remain active. Organized crimes can help earn your faction cash, crime experience and respect. Factions also expect you to attack enemy factions when at war with them.

Joining a Faction

  • Before joining a faction be sure you choose wisely. If you choose to be in an Aggressive faction, check their war base and speak to their leader. Some factions require daily chaining, minimum stat requirements, or that you have a Donator Pack. It's wise to speak to the leader and find out just what they expect from you before you apply.

The travel agency

  • Once you reach level 15, you will gain the ability to Travel to other cities around Torn City. In these cities, you will be able to buy items that are not available in Torn City, you can also do many other things that you cannot do in Torn. You can still be attacked and hospitalized while you are in another country, so be aware of this before leaving your account in another country far from Torn. You cannot use morphine in other countries so leaving your account there could cause you to be stuck in that country for a period of time.

Stock Market

  • In order to use the Stock Market you must first purchase a stock ticker. You can purchase this at the Points building located in the city, it will cost you 25 points to purchase. Each stock listed offers a special bonus and requires you to own a certain number of shares to receive that benefit, you can view what stock benefit each stock offers by clicking on each stock and reading the information on the page. It will give you the details in how many shares you must own and what the benefit will be. if you meet the share quota required it will show in your portfolio and mention you are earning a bonus. You can choose to do stocks this way, or play them by watching graphs and forecast, deciding which one looks like it might rise soon and investing to make profit. This may be a more risky way to invest, but potentially could make you a very decent profit.

Splitting and Stacking

  • You are given the option in your portfolio to split and stack your stocks. Splitting means taking the larger block and making it into smaller ones. Stacking means to take as many small blocks of a certain stock you have and making it one large block. If you are holding stocks and earning benefits you may choose to split the profit from the larger block you need to earn benefits. You would simply look at how many shares the larger of the two blocks required for the benefit and break the remaining shares off the smaller block. This giving you 1 block for the benefit and 1 block you can sell. If you are holding many small blocks of stocks and wish to combine them to sell or receive a benefit for, you can click stack and it will group all the stocks of the same kind together.


  • Drugs are definitely a player choice in this game. There are both pros and cons to taking drugs in game so you will need to be sure to decide before you start- if the pros outweigh the cons. Some drugs give you an energy boost, or get you out of the hospital. However they all come with addiction levels that will require rehab to get rid of at some point. You can attempt to wait the drug addiction out, but this is a very long and slow process. Rehab is in Switzerland and costs 250k per treatment, it normally takes several treatments if you take drugs on a consistent basis to lose your addiction. There are also company specials which help remove addiction (Herbal Cleansing, R and R).

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