Chocolate Egg

Not to be confused with the collectible item Chocolate Egg '05

Chocolate Egg #1312
Forged in the fires of Sally's Sweet Shop from the shells of a thousand expired others, the Chocolate Egg is a limited edition item of which no more will be produced. On the momentous day when the final Chocolate Egg has been consumed, Torn's citizens will be forced to seek happiness elsewhere, through love, hate, the pursuit of knowledge, or the consumption of literally any other candy.
Increases happiness by 50 and booster cooldown by 30 minutes.

Chocolate Egg is a Candy item that was released on 23 March 2023. All colored Easter Eggs and Gold Easter Eggs were converted to Chocolate Eggs when the item was released. This was due to an overhaul of the annual Easter Egg Hunt where colored eggs' effects were made more powerful.


Any colored or Gold Easter Egg in players' inventory, Bazaar, Display Case, Item Market listings, Parcels, or Faction Armory on 23 March 2023 were replaced by Chocolate Eggs. New Chocolate Eggs cannot be obtained through any other means but can be traded between players.


Eating a Chocolate Egg will increase a player's happiness by 50 and increase Booster Cooldown by 30 minutes.


The Voracity branch of Faction upgrades has ten different upgrades for Candy happiness gains in 5% increments.

The 'Absorption" 7* special at Grocery Stores gives 10% extra happiness from the usage of the Chocolate Egg.

Booster Cooldown incurred from usage of any item is reduced by 10% from the "Fast Metabolism" 3* special at Grocery Stores and 25% from the "Professional Metabolism" 10* special at Restauraunts.

Like all Candy items, the Chocolate Egg provides triple the regular happiness gains starting from 12 hours before, to 12 hours after, World Diabetes Day (November 14.)

Chocolate Egg Happy Gains
Active Bonuses Candy effect I Candy effect II Candy effect III Candy effect IV Candy effect V Candy effect VI Candy effect VII Candy effect VII Candy effect IX Candy effect X
No Other Bonus 53 55 58 60 63 65 68 70 73 75
With Absorption 58 61 63 66 69 72 74 77 80 83
World Diabetes Day 158 165 183 180 188 195 203 210 218 225
World Diabetes Day and Absorption 173 182 190 198 206 215 223 231 239 248

Related Awards

Hammer related awards
Image Name Requirements
614179864.png Diabetic Eat 500 bags of candy

Historical Notes

699,432 colored and Gold Easter Eggs were converted to Chocolate Eggs on the day of the item's release.

Image History

Chocolate Egg Image History
Years Used Image
18 March 2023 to present [1] qFY571a.png

The image chosen for the Chocolate Egg was put to a vote in the Forums by Chedburn on 3 March 2023, with image #3 winning. Chedburn commented that image #3 "was the incorrect choice, but does somehow appear to be the clear winner."


The choices voted on for the Chocolate Egg image

Patch History

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