Item Cooldowns

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Item cooldowns were added to the game to prevent certain items from being used excessively in short periods for huge advantages. These items all share a cooldown timer, known as a "booster cooldown". This cooldown applies not only to consumables like cans, alcohol, and candy, but also to items with a more powerful effect, such as Stat Enhancers.

Each use of said items adds time to your cooldown timer. The specific time added varies from item to item. Booster cooldown has a base maximum of 24 hours, after which point it becomes impossible to use any more items that add to your cooldown until the timer has gone below your maximum. Booster cooldown decreases in real time.

Specials that affect cooldown

Although booster cooldown is initially 24 hours, the Voracity branch of faction upgrades can increase it by 1 hour per upgrade, for up to 48 hours of maximum booster cooldown.

The time added to cooldown by items can also be affected by company specials and books. The "Fast Metabolism" special in a 3 star Grocery Store decreases the cooldown of consumables by 10%, and the special "Professional Metabolism" on a 10 star Restaurant decreases the cooldown of consumables by 25%.

The book "Self Control Is For Losers" decreases all consumable cooldowns by 50% for 31 days. (Candy, alcohol, and energy drinks only)

Additionally, 3 star Mining Corporations provide +30% alcohol cooldown.

City Finds

All the items below can be found in the city. For more information, read about Awareness.

Cooldown-affected items


The maximum gain from each stat enhancer is capped at 5 trillion (requiring a base stat of 500 trillion or more). [1]

Historical Notes

Before 12.07.2012 update, each Booster had their own cooldown, similar to the drug cooldown.


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