Skeleton Key

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Skeleton Key #1204
Tired of carrying around a bunch of keys all day? Sick to death of seeing one side of your pants sag down thanks to all of those keys? Nobody should be forced to carry over 100 keys with them wherever they go, let alone 42,329. That's too many keys! So why not replace your hoard of over eight million individual keys with just one key to rule them all? This skeleton key is designed to adapt to any lock you encounter, with each of its adjustable teeth capable of being retracted in order to bypass a range of warded locks.
Sell Price

The Skeleton Key is a Special item that can be found in Torn and as a result in some Crimes.

Skeleton Key can be sold for $80,000 at Print Store.


The Skeleton key can be found as a result of the following crimes:


  • "Shipyard" (quantity one)
  • "Truckyard" (quantity one)
  • "Paper Mill" (quantity one)
  • "Liquor Store" (quantity one)
  • "Self-Storage Facility" (quantity one)


Can be created starting at crime skill level 50.

Patch History

Released in Patch list #