Endurance Challenge

 Note: This competition has been discontinued, it's not known whether this is ever coming back. 

The Annual Torn City Endurance Challenge

First run in the month of August 2010 the challenge has four stages.

Each stage must be completed before moving onto the next. The tasks within a stage can be completed in any order. Rewards are given after all tasks are completed.



  • Attack 30 people - You must win the attack for it to register.
  • Mug 10 people
  • Hospitalize 10 People
  • Use 10 Temporary Weapons - Hits will only register if they hit.


  • Line up 3 numbers in the Slots - In the Casino, make the slot machines line up 3 numbers correctly. You only need to line up three numbers once to pass.
  • Win a Horse Race at the Bookie - In the Casino, place a bet on any horse race. Your horse must win to pass this challenge.
  • Win 2 games of Russian Roulette - Click the link for more info on how to play Russian Roulette.
  • Win 5 Roulette games - Win 5 Roulette games.


  • Dump 3 items - You can dump items by going to your item menu and clicking trash. This will put the item in the city dump.
  • Buy 3 items from Bazaar(s) - Buy 3 items out of any Torn user's Bazaar.
  • Sell 3 Items on the Market - Have 3 items sold on the Item market. They don't have to be high valued items.
  • Send Anonymous (9) a Gift - Send any item to the User ID 9


  • Finding $150 searching the streets - This is completed by doing the nerve 2 crimes until you reach $150 total.
    • Try Movie Theater 2 nerve crimes if you haven't completed it yet!
  • Bust 5 people from Jail - If your new to busting try someone with low Jail time and that's been caught for busting. These are typically the easy targets to bust
  • Bail out 2 people from Jail - People with lower Jail time will have lower bail fees.
  • Attempt to escape from Jail - Typically when you try busting people around the 4th bust you will go to jail. Here you can try and self-bust. Self-busting uses 1/2 your nerve unless you have complete the education course and then it will be 1/3 of your nerve bar. Remember, you don't need to actually bust yourself out, you just need to try.


Fifth stage was added in the 2011 edition, you have to complete previous four stages to unlock it.

  • Attack 100 people - You must win the attack for it to register.
  • Fire 5,000 rounds
  • Hit every body part (18)
  • Use weapons from all classes (11)


Sixth stage was added in the 2012 edition, you have to complete previous five stages to unlock it. In order to complete the travel based tasks you must be level 15.

  • Travel to 10 different countries
  • Attack 10 people abroad - You must win the attack for it to register.
  • Hunt 25 times - Hunting is located in South Africa, each hunt costs $500 and 10 energy
  • Visit the fortune teller - The fortune teller is located in China, it costs $75,000

Bonus Challenge

Bonus Challenge was added in 2011 edition, you have to complete stages 1-4 unlock it.

  • Attack 20 people in 20 minutes - You must win the attack for it to register.


1-4 stages completed:

5th stage completed:

6th stage completed:

Bonus Challenge Completed:

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