Trick or Treat

Trick or Treat is a yearly event in which you can attack other players in order to collect treats and fill a Halloween basket.

Players can purchase the beginning level of basket, the Halloween Basket : Spooky, from Sally's Sweet Shop in the City. 1,000 baskets are replenished every five minutes.

Once you have a basket, this will stay with you forever. Baskets do not need to be purchased every year- once purchased, a basket will always be on the account that bought it, as they cannot be traded.

In 2020, baskets became available for purchase at 12:00 TCT, while the actual event began at 14:00 TCT. The event now begins at 12:00 TCT. (source).


As a player collects more treats the basket will automatically upgrade through the following levels:

Image Name treats needed total treats
large.png Halloween Basket : Spooky 0 0
large.png Halloween Basket : Creepy 5 5
large.png Halloween Basket : Freaky 10 15
large.png Halloween Basket : Frightful 25 40
large.png Halloween Basket : Haunting 50 90
large.png Halloween Basket : Shocking 100 190
large.png Halloween Basket : Terrifying 250 440
large.png Halloween Basket : Horrifying 500 940
large.png Halloween Basket : Petrifying 1000 1940
large.png Halloween Basket : Nightmarish 2500 4440

Honor Bars

There are three honor bars to be earned from this event, each from reaching a particular level of basket:

  • Upgrade your Halloween Basket to Frightful level


  • Upgrade your Halloween Basket to Terrifying level


  • Upgrade your Halloween Basket to Nightmarish



The base chance for obtaining a treat after defeating a player is 35%. Each successive basket upgrade will provide an additional 5% chance of receiving a treat, meaning a Nightmarish basket will give an 80% chance of receiving a treat.

There are multiple options to spend treats on. Treats can be exchanged (all at once) for cans, candies, or alcohol. They may also be used to purchase upgrades which provide boosts to the number of treats collected in the future. Both options will permanently use up the treats.


Exchanging Treats for Items

The following is a list of possible items that can be received by exchanging treats without unlocking any upgrades:

More valuable items can be added to the pool once upgrades are purchased for the basket.

Purchasing Upgrades

There are four tiers of upgrades. When you start you have immediate access to tier I. tier II is unlocked at Frightful basket level, tier III is unlocked at Shocking basket level, and tier IV is unlocked at Horrifying basket level.

Image Upgrade Description Treat Cost Cumulative Cost
Tier I (258) Spooky Basket
ISeeDeadPeople.png I See Dead People This upgrade gives +10% chance of receiving a treat when wearing any scary clothing 3 3
HeresJohnny.png Here's Johnny This upgrade gives +10% chance of receiving a treat when ending a victim with a scary weapon 5 8
Doubler.png Doubler This upgrade has a 20% chance of doubling the treats received after an attack 25 33
Tripler.png Tripler This upgrade has a 10% chance of tripling the treats received after an attack 50 83
Quadrupler.png Quadrupler This upgrade has a 5% chance of quadrupling the treats received after an attack 75 158
Quintupler.png Quintupler This upgrade has a 1% chance of quintupling the treats received after an attack 100 258
Tier II (195) Frightful Basket
Candyman.png Candyman This upgrade unlocks medium-tier candy (Bag of Bloody Eyeballs). 5 5
SweetRelease.png Sweet Release This upgrade unlocks high-tier candy (Bag of Chocolate Truffles). 10 15
BloodyMary.png Bloody Mary This upgrade unlocks medium-tier alcohol (Bottle of Wicked Witch). 15 30
NiceChianti.png Nice Chianti This upgrade unlocks high-tier alcohol (Bottle of Stinky Swamp Punch). 30 60
Nightcrawler.png Nightcrawler This upgrade unlocks medium-tier energy drink (Can of Munster) 45 105
ItsAlive.png It's Alive This upgrade unlocks high-tier energy drink (Can of Red Cow). 90 195
Tier III (913) Shocking Basket
CatInHell.png Cat in Hell This upgrade gives a 1 in 500,000 chance with every attack of instantly receiving 1,000 treats. 13 13
SaveYourTears.png Save Your Tears When exchanging your treats you'll also receive +500 happiness for every treat exchanged. 95 108
Freebie.png Freebie Receive an additional bonus treat for every 10 upon exchange. 120 228
ColdSweat.png Cold Sweat When exchanging your treats you'll also receive +1 nerve for every treat exchanged. 170 398
Cashback.png Cashback After exchanging your treats you'll immediately receive 10% back with this upgrade. 230 628
DarkPower.png Dark Power When exchanging your treats you'll also receive +5 energy for every treat exchanged. 285 913
Tier IV (12,776) Horrifying Basket
Multipack.png Multipack This upgrade gives a 3% chance of consumables being upgraded to Multipacks upon exchange. (Six Pack of Alcohol, Six Pack of Energy Drink, Tin of Treats) 180 180
DealWithTheDevil.png Deal With The Devil This upgrade gives a 3% chance of consumables being upgraded to Boosters (Erotic DVDs, Feathery Hotel Coupons) and Special items (Business Class Ticket, Casino Pass) upon exchange. 320 500
MortalCoil.png Mortal Coil Receive 1 treat for free every hour while the Halloween Basket event is active. 500 1000
Inflation.png Inflation The treats in your basket increase by 0.1% per hour while the Halloween Basket event is active. 777 1777
ShadowOfDoubt.png Shadow Of Doubt This upgrade immediately provides exactly 1,100 treats (Probably...?) 1000 2777
SummonCthulhu.png Summon Cthulhu Begins the end times. 9999 12,776

Scary Clothing

Wearing one item of Scary clothing will provide a boost to the chance to receive a treat. Wearing multiple will provide no additional bonus.

Scary Weapons

Using a Scary weapon on the final hit of a fight will provide a boost to the chance to receive a treat. [1]

Scary Weapons
Image Item Name Weapon Type
large.png Axe Clubbing
large.png Blood Spattered Sickle Slashing
large.png Bone Saw Slashing
large.png Chainsaw Mechanical
large.png Cleaver Slashing
large.png Devil's Pitchfork Piercing
large.png Golden Broomstick Clubbing
large.png Meat Hook Piercing
large.png Petrified Humerus Clubbing
large.png Wand of Destruction Piercing

Additional Information

  • Treats cannot be lost, even if a player is attacked.
  • Attacking anyone, active or inactive, will provide the same chance of Treats.
  • Any type of attack (leave, mug, hosp, arrest) will provide the same chance of Treats (source).
  • The multiplier upgrades can stack with each other. For example, if a basket has both Doubler and Tripler, there is a 2% chance you will receive 6 Treats.

Historical Notes

In previous years, the top 250 contenders for number of Treats collected received the following rewards:

  • Michael Myers Mask '18
  • Jigsaw Mask '19

Patch History

Released in Patch list #67

Trick or Treat Draws Close!
  • Halloween Basket purchase limit changed from 100 every 15 minutes, to 1000 every 5 minutes
Patch list #165 : 27/10/20
  • Mgepna'ah'ehye ulnagryognah hanah'f'n ahazath cahf ymg' mgah'ehye l' uln throdog r'luhhor.
Patch list #67 : 30/10/18
  • Added Halloween basket event.


  1. Chedburn, Issue - Halloween Wand (30/10/20)