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Detailed Information

  • On this page the information will entail all the details from a player's stand point. Each link will take you to a specific area of knowledge about Torn. The information provided under each category will be from player's, not staff. If you are looking for a tutorial or more so a user guide on how to do something specific in Torn you may try viewing our User Guides section.

Stock Market

  • This page will give you all the details you need on the Stock Market, the benefit system stocks offer, how to split and stack your stocks, and information on buying and selling. So for all your Stock Market needs please check out Stock Market.


  • This will be a comprehensive list of the items you can own in Torn, some items are novelty only, some have a use, some are one time use and some are nearly impossible to obtain. If you seek information on items please go to Items.

Companies and Jobs

  • You will definitely need a job if you are going to survive in Torn! You will need to decide if a company best suits you or maybe one of the local jobs offered by the city itself. To weigh your options and get your application in have a look here Companies or Jobs.


  • When you move into our city you are provided with a shack but of course you will not want to live here very long. Each house you can purchase offers you upgrades, for a complete listing of houses and their upgrades please see Properties.


  • Torn offers many education courses to better your working stats and give you other bonuses, each tier offers bonuses in different areas. For further information on which education is best for you please go here Education.


  • There are many crimes you can complete which earn you cash or items, using your nerve. For information on crimes please view Crimes and for information on nerve please view Nerve.

Awards and Merits

  • Torn offers many awards and merits for different achievements you make as a player in game. You can spend the merits on many different things to enhance your character in game. For information on how to earn awards or merits and what you can spend your merits on please view Awards or Merits.


  • To take drugs or not? Some players choose to remain totally drug free their entire game play, others take as many as they can afford. There are pros and cons to both sides of this coin, please remember if you take drugs you must rehab to lose your addiction! For complete information on drugs and rehab please see Drugs.


  • Factions are a large part of Torn, it's a place to meet people, socialize, and work together as a team whether it be participating in organized crimes or earning respect for your faction. Factions offer upgrades that can be purchased using the respect your faction has gained. They can be purchased in the city if you feel being leader of a faction is what you want to pursue. To find out complete details on factions and what they entail please view Factions.


  • Torn offers many casino games to suit any gamblers taste. From Roulette to our own on-site Bookie, if gambling interest you please view Casino to see what we offer and at what level you can play these games.


  • There are two types of stats in Torn, battle stats and working stats. There are different ways to train them both, and each player chooses their own path on which stats are more important to them. To view information on stats please view Working Stats or Battle Stats.


  • Profiles are a way to express yourself through graphics, show off events, or display your favorite YouTube video. Many players put a lot of time and effort into making their profile stand and be unique. If you need bbcode help (how to make videos, music and images show up on your profile), or maybe a list of who makes great graphics in Torn please view Profiles. Alternatively we offer a Graphics forum in game where you can view graphics made by others, you can view this by going here [1].


  • Attacking other players is part of the game, you can do this to gain experience for your character, to place another player in the hospital, or maybe mug them in hopes of a bit of cash. For complete details on attacking please view Attacking.


  • This can be located on the left hand side of your home page, this is where you will find options on how you want to view the game, pending Faction applications or marriage proposals, Chat box options, and much more. To view complete details on the preference section please go here Preferences.


  • Torn offers a variety of markets for you to sell or purchase goods. Item market, Auction house, and Points market. Each serve a different purpose within the city. Please view the information about each market and decide what works best for you here Markets.


  • The newspaper in Torn offers articles written by players, classified ad's, a Hall of fame section, bounties, and much more. There is definitely something for everyone in the newspaper! To view what the newspaper has to offer in detail and how to submit an article or comic please go here Newspaper.

Level and Ranks

  • Leveling in Torn is not always easy, and takes some time and patience. There are ways to speed this process up but the fact is leveling on Torn is not like most games, its a much slower process and something earned. Ranks are earned various ways and do not always depend on your level, this is a common misconception new players make. Just because you level up does not mean your rank too will go up. For complete details on level's and rank's please view Levels or Ranks.


  • Torn offers several destinations for travel and each destination offers something different than the others. There are level requirements to travel, housing upgrades and stock bonuses can shorten your travel time. For complete travel details, destinations, and what each destination offers please view Travel.


  • This is the section on the left hand side of your home page, each link provides you with something different, from your mailbox, events, or viewing the hospital. For a complete list and what each does please click here Sidebar.


  • There are different reports for things you may need staff assistance with. Each report covers different areas and are attended to by different staff members. This information can be located on the Staff page and will be provided to you only by staff members to ensure it is accurately updated on a constant basis. You can also locate information on Federal Jail here. For a list of important links please go here Important Links

Race Track

  • Here you can race against other players in Torn to win a bit of cash. To find out details on cars, races, and maybe some tips for winning a race please go here Racing.


  • Marriage is an aspect of the game everyone views differently and uses for their own reasons, maybe to have a better house, for the merits, or the companionship. For details on how to get married and propose, the benefits of being married, and where to find a spouse please view Marriage.


  • Hunting is offered in South Africa, you must travel there to hunt. Hunting can make you some cash but requires time and skill. For details on hunting please view Hunting.


There are many different missions you can complete in Torn, each different and each reward different. They are level based, meaning you must achieve certain levels before being allowed to unlock the mission. For details on missions please view Missions.

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