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For city owned jobs, see Job

Torn Companies are player owned entities that are made up of cooperative players, and were released on 18 April 2007. [1] The owner of a company also serves as the director and is in charge of managing it.

For a list of every company, please visit the Companies List page.

For a list of every company special, please visit the Specials List page.


There are two ways to acquire a company. You can startup a new company: by going to the job listing page in the newspaper, clicking on the company you'd like to start up and then paying the flat cost for just the bare bones with Default Settings.

Or you can obtain an established company from another player (either via direct transfer, or trade), where the established company can potentially come with employees, inventory (stock items and company vault), and/or upgrades.

  • Direct transfer - Gift the company to another employee (nuances unconfirmed)
  • Trade - Initiate a trade with an employee that has an Unassigned position, and zero pay.


You must be at least level 3 to work in a company and at least level 10 to own one.

To run a company, a director micromanages over every aspect of the company. They must:

  • hire player employees
    • assign employees to a position that's beneficial to the company
    • budget employee pay
    • train employees to increase their potential (+50 primary, +25 secondary)
  • manage goods
    • adjust the price of goods to maximize profit
    • order stock to replenish goods
  • budget advertising to attract more customers
  • keep enough funds in the company vault to be able to pay its employees and advertising budget for an entire week

All these aspects boil down to 3 types of measurements to check to see how well your company is doing: Popularity, Efficiency, and Environment


Popularity is the percent of your weekly income compared to the highest weekly income of your company type, regardless of ratings.

I.E. If you make $5,000,000 compared to the best company which made $10,000,000, your popularity would be 50%. It's just a quick tool to see how you compare to other companies of that type, which useful for understanding how close you are to gaining a rank in the 10 star ranking system.


Efficiency is probably the most important bar to keep an eye on. This displays how efficient your employees are on average. Ideally, you would want to keep this at 100% as much as possible. The efficiency itself is capped at 100%. However, the true value may be above this if you have over-performing employees: potentially hiding the ineffectiveness of other employees.

Employee Effectiveness

There are several factors that impact an employee’s effectiveness. These can be found on the company page under the Employee section with a tooltip shown for each employee.

These Factors are:

  • Working Stats - This will increase the higher work stats an employee has. This is displayed as 90 if an employee has the exact stat requirement for the job they are assigned to.[2]
    • The full formula for work stat efficiency is: $efficiency = FLOOR(MIN(45, (45 / $required) * $stat) + MAX(0, (5 * LOG($stat / $required, 2)))) [3]
  • Settled In - This will increase by +1 for each consecutive 24 hours an employee has been in the company up to a maximum of +10 (requires 10 days)
  • Director Education - This bonus comes from education courses listed in the next section
  • Merits - Employee Effectiveness merits will increase Effectiveness by +1 for each point in this merit branch. This has allowed players with lower stats to compete against better players unwilling to spend the merits, with early numbers suggesting stats can be increased by up to 4 times their base level when fully upgraded.
  • Addiction - This negatively impacts effectiveness based on the number of addiction points an employee has accumulated - See Drugs
  • Inactivity - This negatively impacts effectiveness based on how long an employee goes without being active in Torn. Note: Being active means actually making actions within the game and not simply logging in as per this patch


Environment is based on the size of the staff room and the number of employees. Drug users and inactive employees will lower your environment score. To compensate, buy bigger staff rooms or hire cleaners and managers, since a low environment score can lower income by up to a third.

Cleaners will boost environment more. Depending on how critical they are to the success of the company, they also might generate profit. The amount of environment that is boosted depends on the Cleaner's / Manager's effectiveness.

Having less employees than the staff room's capacity will increase your environment very slightly as they will have more space to work. Larger companies will struggle more to keep their environment score high, but it's not the end of the world if it drops slightly. You may find it's better to keep an employee in a vital job position rather than making up a few environment points by setting them to a cleaner or manager.


To help attract customers, directors are able to set a daily advertising budget. The effects of advertising can be increased by having an employee that is considered a "Marketer", completing the BUS2400 and LAW2100 education courses, and by having the benefit block for TGP.

Advertising has a maximum base effect of 40% on a company, and will be reduced based on the number of competing companies, and their advertising budgets. If there are 80 companies of the same type with an advertising budget, the company with the highest budget will receive the 40% bonus, with the second highest receiving a 39.5% bonus, the third highest receiving a 39% bonus, etc.[4]

Application Process

  • Players can now have up to 10 pending Applications to companies at the same time. This means they're free to apply to several companies at the same time, greatly increasing the chances they'll get into one quickly. This solves the laborious process of applying to one, waiting for a response, and then applying to another.
  • Company directors will no longer receive news or event spam with every received application. Instead we've implemented a separate notification system which alerts those with permissions to pending applications.
  • Players can edit their applications at any point after they have been sent out, or withdraw them, via the relevant Company profile.
  • Once an application is accepted, all other related applications will be removed. So as a Company director, all of the applications you see will be from players who are available to join now.
  • If an application is declined, the player will not be able to reapply again for 7 days. These 7 day reapply restrictions can be overridden by the Company by toggling "Allow applications" off and on again.
  • Applications expire after 72 hours if they have not been accepted or declined.

Special Positions

Special Positions are roles that are available to every single company that help boost an aspect of a company. They are positions to give the company a boost in areas that many not directly be related to the product the company is selling, but affect the employee, environment, or advertising instead. An employees effectiveness will determine how strong these effects are.

These roles may also generate profit depending on the company.

Special Positions
Position Effect
Cleaner Helps keep your environment up
Manager Increases your employee effectiveness
Marketer Increases the effectiveness of your advertising budget
Secretary Shows you how much your employees are earning you in detail
Trainer Gives you extra trains (Maximum of 3)

Company Ranking

The Company Ranking is a 10 star ranking system based on how well your company has been doing quantified by gross profits. In order to improve a company, you should strive for the best profits because profits only come by running a company efficiently. The company can only rank up to a certain cap - widely believed to be based on gross revenue: if the company has generated more revenue over the course of its lifetime, it has the ability to gain a higher rank.

Company Ranking can effect how many job points are granted (1 job point per 1 star), and how many stats a company director gains. Company directors gain working stats based on how high the company has ranked:

  • 1 star - 5 units of every working stat daily
  • 2 stars - 10 units
  • 3 stars - 20 units
  • 4 stars - 35 units
  • 5+ stars - 50 units

Your employee pay does NOT affect your company's ability to star up (a common misconception).

Companies have the ability to rank up or down automatically every Sunday.


When applying for a company, your Working Stats will help the director determine your position. The director of the company decides the amount of pay for each employee (up to a cap of $25,000,000. All positions have different working stat requirements (primary and secondary) and will aid the company in different ways. The primary and secondary work stats are the stats which will help the company you join: the higher they are, the more effective you will be at that role i.e getting more customers, keeping the workplace clean, building hardware faster, etc. The secondary stat is half as influential as your primary stat at the rank.

While in a company, you exist. Your participation is automatically determined by other factors (work stats, drug addiction, and minimum daily activity). Most of the work is done on the director's side (see above).

Directors can train you to increase your work stats by 50 and 25 for your primary and secondary stat respectively. Job Specials and Director Trains will be locked for a newly hired employee for 72 hours.

Job Specials

Job Specials are special abilities that can either be actively obtained (by spending Job Points obtained at Closing Hour), or passively used (no cost). To unlock the use of Job Specials, the company must reach the required level of stars in it's Company Ranking.

Energy-based Job Specials repeatability is limited to 100 uses per day

Closing Hour

At the end of the Company day (at approximately 6:00 PM TCT), the company's performance is calculated. This can be seen in the amount of customers that day and the amount of gross income made. At the same time, working stats gains are automatically applied, job points are granted (one point for every one star in Company Ranking), employee pay is automatically divvied out, and employee trains are generated to be used by the director. This operation can take up to 15 minutes before the results are reflected.

While an inactive employee is a big detriment to the company, the company can float by itself without an active director; the employee trains will just stack up to the cap, and not be distributed, and stocks can eventually run out.

Stocks & Education Affecting Companies


The Stock Market has various stocks that can help a company director if a benefit block is held. The stocks that directly benefit companies are:

  • Tell Group Plc. (TGP) - gives you a significant boost in company advertising effectiveness.
  • TC Media Productions (TCP) - gives your company a 10% increase in profits.
  • Syscore MFG (SYS) - protects your company from being hacked by players with the Intricate Hack company benefit (good for companies that store a lot of money).

Below are stocks that can indirectly help a Director:

  • Messaging Inc. (MSG) - allows free advertisements in the newspaper which can help recruit employees.
  • Yazoo (YAZ) - gives free advertisement banners in the newspaper which can help recruit employees.

Education courses studied, besides the passive working stat gains from each course, also can have an effect on companies that you own (as a director). These include:

  • All Business Management courses in various ways.
    • BUS2200
      • Gain 2% productivity for your company
      • Gain 5 manual labor upon completion
      • Gain 60 intelligence upon completion
      • Gain 25 endurance upon completion
      Corporate Finance
      • Gain 2% productivity for your company
      • Gain 80 intelligence upon completion
      • Gain 20 endurance upon completion
      • Gain 2% productivity for your company
      • Gain 25 manual labor upon completion
      • Gain 50 intelligence upon completion
      • Gain 15 endurance upon completion
      Business Ethics
      • Gain 2% productivity for your company
      • Gain 60 intelligence upon completion
      • Gain 15 endurance upon completion
      • Gain 2% productivity for your company
      • Gain 50 intelligence upon completion
      • Gain 40 endurance upon completion
      - Gain 2% productivity for your company
    • BUS2300
      • Gain 5% employee effectiveness for your company
      • Gain 65 intelligence upon completion
      • Gain 20 endurance upon completion
      - Gain 5% employee effectiveness for your company
    • BUS2400
      • Gain an increase in advertising effectiveness for your company
      • Gain 15 manual labor upon completion
      • Gain 75 intelligence upon completion
      • Gain 15 endurance upon completion
      - Gain an increase in advertising effectiveness for your company
    • BUS2600
      Corporate Strategy
      • Gain 7% employee effectiveness for your company
      • Gain 95 intelligence upon completion
      • Gain 10 endurance upon completion
      - Gain 7% employee effectiveness for your company
    • BUS2700
      Pricing Strategy
      • Gain the ability to increase product prices by 10% without losing customers
      • Gain 75 intelligence upon completion
      • Gain 20 endurance upon completion
      - Gain the ability to increase product prices by 10% without losing customers
    • BUS2900
      Product Management
      • Gain the ability to increase product prices by 5% without losing customers
      • Gain 10 manual labor upon completion
      • Gain 60 intelligence upon completion
      • Gain 15 endurance upon completion
      - Gain the ability to increase product prices by 5% without losing customers
    • BUS2110
      Human Resource Management
      • Gain a passive bonus to employee working stats in your company
      • Gain 20 manual labor upon completion
      • Gain 50 intelligence upon completion
      • Gain 15 endurance upon completion
      - Gain a passive bonus to employee working stats in your company
    • BUS3130
      Bachelor of Commerce
      • Unlock new size, storage size & staff room upgrades for your company
      • Gain 100 intelligence upon completion
      - Unlock new size, storage size & staff room upgrades for purchase
  • The course
    • Gain 1% productivity for your company
    • Gain 75 intelligence upon completion
    • Gain 20 endurance upon completion
    helps increase company productivity by 1%.
  • The course
    Media Law
    • Gain an increase in advertising effectiveness for your company
    • Gain 85 intelligence upon completion
    • Gain 20 endurance upon completion
    gain an increase in advertising effectiveness for your company


As an employee, completing Education courses can grant you various amounts of Work Stats. You can increase how quickly you complete Education courses via:

  • 1 star Fitness Center special "Tutoring"
  • 7 star Hair Salon special "Cutting corners"
  • Merit 2% for each merit applied (10 merits max for 20% total reduction)
  • WSU benefit block (10% total reduction)
  • Principal position (passive special) in Education Job


Companies have various Upgrades that can be applied to help the company work faster.

Company Size

Company size upgrades increase the number of employees your company can hold. Each upgrade costs an additional 10% of the initial startup costs and increases the number of employees you can hold by 25% with each upgrade. The final two company size upgrades are only available if the company director has completed

Bachelor of Commerce
  • Unlock new size, storage size & staff room upgrades for your company
  • Gain 100 intelligence upon completion
Company Size Upgrades
Size Cost
Starting size Startup
125% startup size 10% of startup cost
150% startup size 20% of startup cost
175% startup size 30% of startup cost
200% startup size 40% of startup cost
225% startup size 50% of startup cost
250% startup size 60% of startup cost
Total 210% of startup cost

Staff Room

Staff Room upgrades help keep your environment at 100%. You need larger staff rooms when you have more employees. The final two staff room upgrades are only available if the company director has completed

Bachelor of Commerce
  • Unlock new size, storage size & staff room upgrades for your company
  • Gain 100 intelligence upon completion
Staff Room Upgrades
Size Cost
No staff room Startup
Small staff room 2.5% of startup cost
Standard staff room 5% of startup cost
Large staff room 7.5% of startup cost
Very large staff room 10% of startup cost
Huge staff room 12.5% of startup cost
Colossal staff room 15% of startup cost
Total 52.5% of startup cost


Warehouses hold inventory. Not all companies need warehouses and the number of items a warehouse can hold depends on the company.

Warehouse Upgrades
Size Cost
Small room Startup
Standard room 5% of startup cost
Large room 10% of startup cost
Huge room 15% of startup cost
Warehouse 20% of startup cost
Large warehouse 25% of startup cost
Huge warehouse 30% of startup cost
Total 105% of startup cost

Company Sell Back

When you sell a company back to the system, you get 75% of the cost of the company including any upgrades spent on it (still at 75%), plus 5% of the total revenue made in its lifetime. (Also 100% of any money stored in your vault!)


For a full list of details on every company, visit the Company List page. For a specific company, use the table below and navigate to this company's page.

For a list of company specials, visit the Special List page.

Companies List
Company Cost Size
Adult Novelties $1,750,000 4 employees
Amusement Park $100,000,000 8 employees
Candle Shop $500,000 4 employees
Car Dealership $6,000,000 4 employees
Clothing Store $1,000,000 5 employees
Cruise Line $300,000,000 6 employees
Cyber Cafe $3,000,000 4 employees
Detective Agency $12,000,000 4 employees
Farm $5,250,000 5 employees
Firework Stand $500,000 4 employees
Fitness Center $17,000,000 8 employees
Flower Shop $500,000 4 employees
Furniture Store $2,500,000 4 employees
Game Shop $1,250,000 4 employees
Gas Station $25,000,000 4 employees
Gents Strip Club $5,000,000 4 employees
Grocery Store $2,000,000 5 employees
Gun Shop $2,500,000 4 employees
Hair Salon $750,000 4 employees
Ladies Strip Club $5,000,000 4 employees
Law Firm $4,000,000 4 employees
Lingerie Store $1,750,000 4 employees
Logistics Management $1,800,000,000 6 employees
Meat Warehouse $4,000,000 5 employees
Mechanic Shop $3,000,000 4 employees
Mining Corporation $4,500,000,000 8 employees
Music Store $1,500,000 4 employees
Nightclub $7,500,000 5 employees
Oil Rig $10,500,000,000 12 employees
Private Security Firm $950,000,000 6 employees
Property Broker $750,000 4 employees
Pub $1,250,000 4 employees
Restaurant $1,000,000 4 employees
Software Corporation $6,000,000 5 employees
Sweet Shop $1,000,000 4 employees
Television Network $8,000,000,000 8 employees
Theater $50,000,000 6 employees
Toy Shop $2,000,000 5 employees
Zoo $300,000,000 6 employees

Historical Notes

  • Prior to the update on 27/01/2014 advertising costs used to be divided between 'cheap' 'standard' and 'expensive' advertising costs. The respective costs of which would be that of half, equivalent or double that of their respective companies or free if the director had a stock benefit in TGP. The advertising would last for a single week at which point it would have to be re-initiated at the same costs. The purpose of advertising was to increase popularity which caused an increase in profit. Popularity now is merely a marker of performance and has no direct influence on income.
  • Prior to the Jan/2014 update, company owners also had to use the 1-5 daily trains (based on company stars) to prevent Efficiency from dropping. Reportedly this is no longer the case. This makes some sense since subsequent to the update, a company can now save up to 20 trains. The company earns trains daily equal to the stars of the company IE a 1* company will get 1 train per day while a 5* will get 5 trains per day. This can be increased by appointing some employees as Trainers.
  • Five and ten star companies were added to the game in the weeks following the medical 2.0 update on the 25th Feb 2015.
  • As per Chedburn's bulletin the Private Security Firm bonus 'Regulation' was changed from 10% to 25%.
  • As per Chedburn's comment Job Point limits are now 'per torn day' as opposed to 24 hours.

Miscellaneous Notes

  • Customer loyalty can be created by having the price of sold products set below RRP. Creating customer loyalty takes years and allows companies to get more customers or sell for higher prices source.

Patch History

Released prior to Patch list #1

Patch list #196 : 15/06/2021
  • Fixed visible company ages to have higher precision
Patch list #193 : 25/05/21
  • Changed additional working stats over requirements to apply extra effectiveness via a smooth logarithmic curve.
  • Increased Lingerie Store gross income potential by 61.7%.
  • Added Lingerie Store special 'Sex Appeal' to provide free Business Class travel at 10 stars.
  • Added Lingerie Store special 'Simp' to waive all property upkeep / staff costs at 7 stars.
  • Merged Lingerie Store specials 'Born Free' & 'Free as the Wind Blows' into one rating 5 special.
  • Changed Lingerie Store special 'Nine to Five' (+100 endurance) from rating 3 to rating 1.
  • Changed Lingerie Store special 'Concealment' (+2 travel capacity) from rating 5 to rating 3.
  • Removed Lingerie Store special 'Lingerie Party (+experience per jp).
Patch list #191 : 11/05/21
  • Removed additional activity requirements for company employees causing sudden effectiveness loss.
Patch list #187 : 06/04/21
  • Added green recruit status variant of the Company icon.
  • Changed 3 day company restriction for specials & training to a 72 hour recruit status like factions.
  • Changed 7 day company logistics reports to be blocked if the company has received one within the last 6 days.
Patch list #186 : 30/03/21
  • Changed 'item' and 'random item' job specials to accept number inputs for mass-exchanges.
Patch list #184 : 16/03/21
  • Changed company loyalty system to be less cryptic, more intuitive, and fairer for all companies.
Patch list #183 : 09/03/21
  • Added tooltips for the Job Title section in the Company Info page.
Patch list #182 : 02/03/21
  • Added dynamic storage capacity labels during the stock ordering process for Companies.
Patch list #181 : 23/02/21
  • Added company position special effects (I.e. Cleaner / Manager) to the bottom of their tooltip descriptions.
Patch list #180 : 16/02/21
  • Added 'Total' line to company sales charts that have multiple stock types
  • Added a toggleable legend to company sales charts that have multiple stocks.
Patch list #176 : 19/01/21
  • Added optional reason entry field while kicking / firing a user from a Faction / Company.
  • Removed 3* Butcher : '10% melee damage' special from Meat Warehouse.
  • Added 3* Blood Splatter : '50% reduction in crime experience penalties' to Meat Warehouse.
  • Changed to +2 nerve on Meat Warehouse, Amusement Park, Strip Clubs, Firework Stand.
  • Increased income potential for Meat Warehouse.
  • Doubled storage capacity for Meat Warehouse.
Patch list #175 : 12/01/21
  • Changed image size limits for faction and company profile images from 150KB -> 500KB.
Patch list #174 : 29/12/20
  • Added new modifier Addiction Mitigation which reduces all effects of addiction.
  • Added two new merit upgrades "Addiction Mitigation" and "Employee Effectiveness".
Patch list #171 : 08/12/20
  • Changed IP Tracing bounty reveal company special in Cyber Cafe to also send a message with the results.
Patch list #159 : 15/09/20
  • Added employee effectiveness values & breakdown of modifiers tooltip.
Patch list #158 : 08/09/20
  • Rebuilt company employee effectiveness multipliers to allow for future multiplier breakdown view.
  • Changed company manager bonus so it has a bigger effect but cannot not mitigate inactivity.
Patch list #157 : 01/09/20
  • Added company position names to profiles and icons.
Patch list #155 : 18/08/20
  • Changed employee efficiency to decrease if there's no significant gameplay for a long time.
Patch list #148 : 30/06/20
  • Reduced Molotov Cocktail *1 Gas Station special cost from 5 to 3 each.
  • Added Fuelled '25% passive speed boost' as 3* Gas Station special.
  • Added Cauterize 'Occasional healing while in combat' as 5* Gas Station special.
  • Added Fireproof '50% fire damage mitigation' as 7* Gas Station special.
  • Changed Blaze of Glory to '50% increase in all fire damage dealt' as 10* Gas Station special.
  • Buffed Attendant selling power to increase overall income.
Patch list #143 : 26/05/20
  • Added toggle option to show or hide your Battle Stats or Working Stats on Faction & Company applications.
Patch list #142 : 19/05/20
  • Changed applications that have been accepted / declined / withdrawn to remain on the list for 3 days.
  • Changed incoming applications to provide news and events to those with permissions to handle them.
  • Changed declining applications to provide news.
  • Buffed Oil Rig 'Driller' oil production slightly.
  • Buffed Oil Rig 'Sales Executive' and reduced degradation.
Patch list #140 : 05/05/20
  • Released Application System overhaul for Factions and Companies.
Patch list #138 : 21/04/20
  • Added 'Well Tuned' (3* special) to Music Store which increases gym EXP by 30%.
  • Increased 'The Score' (10* special) passive all-stats increase on Music Store from +10% to +15%.
  • Increased 'Rumors' Hair Salon special to bring it in-line with 'High-Fidelity' from Music Store.
  • Decreased cost of 'Guaranteed Stealth' specials from 15 to 10 job points for Music Store & Theater.
Patch list #119 : 26/11/19
  • Increased quantities of special ammo provided by Companies, Stocks & newly spawned mission rewards.
  • Changed special ammunition job point costs of Surplus & Inferno to 15 (from 25) and 25 (from 50).
Patch list #118 : 19/11/19
  • Removed useless "Quit Job" link for company directors.
Patch list #114 : 22/10/19
  • Added additional clarification to TV Network 'Press Pass' special results.
Patch list #113 : 15/10/19
  • Changed formatting of all company director triggered events (replaced hyphen with comma).
  • Changed 'Watchlist' flight delay company special to increase the user's personal & faction stats for travel time.
Patch list #112 : 24/09/19
  • Added an employee pay cap of $25,000,000 per day.
Patch list #108 : 27/08/19
  • Added "Total quantity" label for the "Company" page in the mobile screen view.
Patch list #107 : 20/08/19
  • Added news category tabs to Companies page.
  • Added employee's position to Company News when Leaving, Firing or Training.
Patch list #104 : 30/07/19
  • Changed inactive employee effectiveness to decrease to 0% over 10 days after the first day of inactivity.
  • Changed Detective Agency special "Friend or Foe" allowing for it to be used on a target.
Patch list #99 : 25/06/19
  • Added employee count and capacity to company profiles.
  • Changed company employee lists to order by job position.
Patch list #96 : 04/06/19
  • Changed company 'stat boost' specials to no longer factor in current happiness (buff applied to compensate).
New company: Logistics Management
  • High startup cost of $1,800,000,000.
  • Holds between 6 and 15 employees.
  • Specials:
    • 1 star : Efficiency - Exchange job points for speed.
    • 3 star : Organized - Increases available open contracts from 3 to 5.
    • 5 star : Repatriated - Allows travelling back to Torn from abroad while in hospital.
    • 7 star : Contraband - Exchange 50 job points for a large quantity of a foreign item.
    • 10 star : Logistics Report - A targeted company productivity boost for 250 job points.
Patch list #93 : 14/05/19
  • Added Logistics Management company.
Patch list #90 : 16/04/19
  • Added "Sold daily" table column to the "Stock" tab of the Company page.
Patch list #88 : 02/04/19
  • Removed company wages from the view of employees.
Patch list #84 : 05/03/19
  • Changed 'Intricate Hack' and 'Corporate Espionage' specials to not lose job points upon firewall.
Patch list #82 : 19/02/19
  • Added numerical input shortcuts in the "Stock" tab of the Company page.
Patch list #76 : 08/01/19
  • Added company special notification for those in company for less than 3 days.
Patch list #72 : 04/12/18
  • Changed employee 'days in company' to increase before daily income reports (instead of after).
Patch list #64 : 09/10/18
  • Added numerical keyboard when a field accepts only numbers for Company specials.
Patch list #62 : 25/09/18
  • Added 'number days in company' to the Job Information section on home page.
Patch list #60 : 11/09/18
  • Changed federal jailed employees to only drop effectiveness when marked for deletion.
  • Changed federal jailed employees effectiveness drop delay to 24-48 hours.
Patch list #56 : 14/08/18
  • Released Company Multihunter.
Patch list #48 : 19/06/18
  • Changed style of company icon for director.
Patch list #47 : 12/06/18
  • Changed Energy company specials to be limited per day (instead of rolling 24 hours).
  • Changed 'Meditation' company special (View true level) to be available only on people recently online.
Patch list #46 : 05/06/18
  • Added links to director name & company name on received director related events (I.e. Training an employee).
Patch list #42 : 24/04/18
  • Added company type and cleaned up Detective agency's 'References' special.
New company: Detective Agency : 27/03/18
  • Startup cost of just $12m
  • Base size of 4 employees.
  • 1 star : References : View someone's employment and faction history for 2 job points.
  • 3 star : Deputized : Able to Arrest those who meet the required threshold after defeat.
  • 5 star : Friend or Foe : See who's friended / blacklisted you for 100 job points.
  • 7 star : Watchlist : Anonymously extend a target's flight time by 1:30 - 2:00 hours for 50 job points.
  • 10 star : Most Wanted : View a list of people with the highest wanted rewards for 25 job points.
Patch list #38 : 27/03/18
  • Released Detective Agency company.
Patch list #31 : 06/02/18
  • Changed 'Tailoring' & 'Regulation' company bonuses to direct multiplier of armour values.
Patch list #30 : 30/01/18
  • Changed employee training to highlight row green instead of providing text response.
Patch list #25 : 19/12/17
  • Changed formula for Tailoring & Regulation armour bonus company specials.
Patch list #22 : 28/11/17
  • Added total price and amount to Stock on Manage Company.
Patch list #17 : 24/10/17
  • Added director events when someone leaves their company.
  • Added index to speed up the usage of some company specials by 2000%.
  • Buffed Private Security Firm income.
New company: Mining Corporation : 17/10/17
  • Startup cost of $4.5b.
  • 1 star : Salty : 5 job points for a 'Salt Shaker' item.
  • 3 star : Thirsty Work : 30% alcohol cooldown reduction.
  • 5 star : Rock Salt : Job points to train defense.
  • 7 star : Essential Salts : 10% maximum life increase.
  • 10 star : Ability to boost current life to 150% of maximum for 25 job points.
Patch list #16 : 17/10/17
  • Released Mining Corporation company.
Patch list #11 : 29/08/17
  • Reduced TV Network profitability by 4%.
Patch list #8 : 08/08/17
  • Added recording of '0' stock sales in companies.
New company: Private Security Firm : 01/08/17
  • Startup cost of $950m.
  • 11 positions available.
  • 1 star : Off the grid : 48 hour bounty protection for 20 job points (Self only).
  • 3 star : Tactical breach : +50% flash grenade intensity.
  • 5 star : Open arsenal : A random primary or secondary weapon for 75 job points (potentially very profitable).
  • 7 star : Regulation : 10% armor bonus when wearing a full 5-piece set.
  • 10 star : Mercenary : Job points converted into Mission credits (1:1 ratio trade).
Patch list #7 : 01/08/17
  • Released Private Security Firm company.
Patch list #4 : 11/07/17
  • Changed Television Network employee degradation (reduced by an average of 33.33%)
  • Changed Television Network base profits (reduced by 24%)
  • Changed Oil Rig sales executive power (increased by 25%)
  • Changed Oil Rig driller power (decreased by 60%)
  • Changed Oil Rig driller degradation (decreased by 65%)
  • Changed Oil Rig derrick hand & motor hand (degradation decreased by 50%)
Patch list #3 : 04/07/17
  • Company sale value now includes +5% of historical income.
  • Company value (minus bank) is now shown alongside companies in trades.
  • Re-balanced position requirements in Cruise Line and Gas Station.
  • Buffed income of Nightclub, Gas Station, Cyber Cafe, Theater, Gun Shop & Software Corporation.
  • Nerfed income of Sweet Shop.
  • Removed decreased Oil Rig startup costs on C&C stock special (pending future updates).
  • Buffed base storage size of Candle Shop, Adult Novelties, Meat Warehouse & Zoo.
  • Nerfed base storage size of Oil Rig (so upgrades serve a purpose).
  • Additional stock generated that exceeds storage cap is now credited after being sold if space is available.


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