Profile Information

There are currently eight main sections to a Torn city player profile.

User Information

In the top left is the name of the player showing the current players Honor bar and their profile image underneath. If you click on a player's profile image then you can see their other uploaded images. To the right of their name and image is the player's Level, Rank, Title and "Age" (the amount of days since account creation).

Basic Information

Here is a list of icons showing activity status, gender, donator or subscriber status, and if the player has a bazaar. Under these icons, the following information is listed:

  • Name: Player's current name and [ID Number]
  • Online: Online/ Idle/ Offline status based on last action
  • Status: Displays Civilian for most players but staff and other special positions have their role displayed here.
  • Faction: The player's faction name or N/A if the player is not in a faction.
  • Job: Current Job of player
  • Life: Current life / max life
  • Property: Current property
  • Marital Status: Name of spouse and length of marriage or single
  • Friends: How many people have added the player to their friends list
  • Enemies: How many players have added the player to their Enemy list.
  • Forum posts: Total posts (Amount of karma)
  • Last action: Last time the player's account showed activity


  • Gun: Attack player.
  • Envelope: Send mail.
  • Chat bubble: Chat with player.
  • Money: Send money. Note: to send money anonymously you must complete the Computer Science Bachelor's.
  • Two arrows: Initiate a trade.
  • Target: Place a bounty on this person.
  • Plus sign (+): Add the player to your friends list.
  • Minus sign (-): Add the player to your enemy list.
  • Bar graph: View this person's personal stats.
  • Shop: View the player's bazaar.
  • Display case: View the player's display case.


The top center section shows current player status such as "okay", "travelling", "in hospital", "in jail", "in federal jail", or "RIP". If the player is in hospital or jail, then their profile will display the length of their stay and the reason that they are there. Travelling status will display where they are going unless they work in a theater company. Players that have "RIP" status are reported as deceased in real life.


This spans almost from left to right and shows all the medals a player has collected. (You will need to click the arrows to scroll through all the merits that player has achieved)

Personal Information

This section displays "{name} does not wish to share." or a list of shared information.

Also see Preferences

Competition Status

This area displays how well a player is doing in a competition if they choose to participate.

Profile Signature

This section displays all the content that a player has added to their profile signature. How to edit the "Profile Signature" is below.

How to edit your Profile Signature

Go to Preferences Then to Profile Signature to begin editing your profile signature.

To begin editing your profile signature, click the A in the top right hand corner. From here you will see a variety of options.

To bold text press the uppercase B icon. To Italicize text press the I icon next to the uppercase B.

To align text to the left/center/right, press the next set of 4 buttons. The first button aligns to the left, the second to the center, the third to the right, and the fourth justifies everything, and makes every line the same length.

The button with the four arrows pointing out will expand the editor to fit your whole screen.

The button that looks like a "chain" inserts link. To insert a link, copy and paste the websites URL, and put it into the first box. You can change what text you want to be linked with the second box. The last box you can choose to either have your hyperlink open in your current tab, or open up a new one.

Note: It is ILLEGAL to have any auto playing sounds on your profile. Your profile must load silently or will face deletion. Also see Codes_of_Conduct

Released prior to Patch list #1

Patch list #253 : 23/08/22
  • Refactored profile status system

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