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A Faction is a group of players that play Torn together under the same name and banner, with a shared vision of the game. Factions are led by a Leader and an optional Co-leader; they allow for the sharing of resources (via the Armory) in addition to collective crime and warring efforts (via Organized Crime and Warfare).

Starting A Faction

Factions are one of the most popular activities in Torn. Starting a new faction costs $1,000 x number of factions currently in the game, although a faction can be purchased for less in the faction buying and selling thread in the forums. A brand new faction will have 5,000 respect and will be based in a shed, giving a maximum member space of 5 members. This can further be upgraded in the Upgrades Panel

A faction's success may be measured by its total current respect and the upgrades that it has. To see the best factions in the game, go to the Hall of Fame in the newspapers.

Going Inactive (Faction Leader)

If a faction's leader goes inactive for more than 30 days, leadership will be automatically transferred to the Co-Leader. If the faction does not have a Co-Leader it will instead be transferred to the longest-serving member online in the last 24 hours.

Application Process

  • Players can now have up to 10 pending Applications to factions at the same time. This means they're free to apply to several factions at the same time, greatly increasing the chances they'll get into one quickly. This solves the laborious process of applying to one, waiting for a response, and then applying to another.
  • Faction leaders will no longer receive news or event spam with every received application. Instead, we've implemented a separate notification system which alerts those with permissions to pending applications.
  • Players can edit their applications at any point after they have been sent out, or withdraw them, via the relevant Faction profile.
  • Once an application is accepted, all other related applications will be removed. So as a Faction leader, all of the applications you see will be from players who are available to join now.
  • If an application is declined, the player will not be able to reapply again for 7 days. These 7 day reapply restrictions can be overridden by the Faction by toggling "Allow applications" off and on again.
  • Applications expire after 72 hours if they have not been accepted or declined.

Faction Warfare

These are features/play styles used by factions in order to gain respect, climb the Hall of Fame and get recognized by the Torn community.


Respect is what most factions will fight and die for. It can be used to show the Torn community how good your faction is, it can be used as bragging rights or it can be used for upgrading faction specials. Respect is gained and lost in many ways.

Gaining Respect

  • Attacking and chaining against other players. Consecutive attacks in a short time period is known as chaining and is the most efficient way of gaining respect.
  • You can also accumulate respect, on a daily basis, by owning Territory blocks.
  • Most factions will run Organized Crimes for the purpose of gaining respect, as well as some money in the process. They range in difficulty and number of members required.
  • The Television Station company special 'Propaganda' allows an employee to spend job points on gaining respect for the faction they are in. The faction news log will also have a record of this.

Losing Respect

  • When a faction is hit by a Dirty Bomb, it will lose a large amount of respect, and suffer from several other effects.
  • When a member of a faction is attacked, the faction will lose 25% of the respect that the attacking player gained


View the main article on Chains

Chaining is a warring tool designed to supplement warring between two factions. Successive hits made on players outside of your faction will build a "chain", gradually earning more respect as the chain builds - and occasionally reaching "bonus" hits for large additional respect gains.

  • Chaining must be unlocked by spending respect. Once a faction has completed a chain of set length, it may unlock the next length chain. These purchases are non-refundable.
  • The first 10 hits in a chain must be made within 5 minutes. Beyond this, each successive hit must be made within 5 minutes or the chain will enter its cooldown state.
  • As the chain progresses, the respect earned will gradually increase - scaled logarithmically. At 13 possible points in a chain, designated "bonus hits", a hit will produce a large flat respect bonus.
  • Once a chain breaks, it will enter its cooldown state, which lasts 10 seconds for every hit made in the chain (e.g. 100 seconds for a 10-hit chain).

Chaining was completely redesigned in 2017 and unveiled in November as the first update in a much larger Warring 2.0 upgrade. Full details on the subject can be found on the Chain page.

Faction Raiding

Raiding is a purely destructive form of warring that was released on 08/01/19. Any faction may begin an indefinite raid against another faction, during which respect may only be taken from the opposition, rather than earned.

During a raid, attacks made by either side during a raid will cause 100% respect loss (compared with the 25% loss caused by regular attacks).

Respect that you take from the opposing faction will be added to your faction's raid score.

As with ranked wars and territory wars, full stats and graphs are available in a raid report once a raid is complete.

Initiating a Raid

Factions must have a minimum of 10 members to be able to declare a raid.

A faction may only begin a raid with one faction at time. If your faction is involved in a raid, it will not be able to start another until the current raid is ceased. Your faction may be raided by multiple factions at the same time, however.

Note: If your faction starts a raid, it will force any current chain into its cooldown state, so chains should be finished before or started after your faction declares a raid.

Ceasing a Raid

Once 24 hours has elapsed, the faction with the highest score (most respect taken) gains the option to "Cease" the raid.

The losing Faction can also cease the raid if any of the following criteria are met:

  • No attacks are made by either party for 72 hours
  • The winning side has less than 10 members [1]

The faction with the lowest score may also choose to surrender at any time, however all this does is notify the opposing faction that you wish for the raid to be over. They may choose to accept your surrender and cease, or ignore it and continue.

Traded peace treaties will cease & block raids for the agreed duration.

After ceasing a raid, the two factions cannot raid each other again for 90 days.

In rare cases a faction's total respect may reach 0, in which the faction is destroyed.

Faction Destruction

When a faction hits zero respect, they will be permanently destroyed. The faction will not be fully deleted, but it will enter an irrecoverable death state - this means the faction cannot be accessed, but its profile - showing its name, image, and previous leader - will be retained forever.

Upon destruction, all members of the faction will be removed and any inventory which isn't loaned out will be moved to the leader including money and points.


For more information on the obtaining of territories, check here.

Ranked Warring

For more information on the Ranked Warring, check here.

Outsider vs. Insider Hits

The criteria for an outside hit is shown below:


Early Discharge, for Outside Hits, is available at the start of a faction war. [2]

Organized Crime Panel

The Organized Crime Panel allows for planning of Organized Crimes. An Organized Crime is a group activity performed by members of a Faction in order to gain cash and respect for that faction, as well as Crime Experience for the members involved.

This panel allows for those with the proper permissions to plan and initiate Organized Crimes, and individuals who plan to leave the faction to cancel their own Organized Crime.

Upgrades Panel

The upgrades panel is the nuts and bolts of faction management. It is split into two sections, the core branch and the special upgrades branch.

  • An upgrade from a core branch cannot be undone, so be careful when selecting these. This includes member capacity, armory upgrades, dirty bomb lab, territory upgrades, and chaining upgrades.
  • The special upgrades branch is where you can select your specials, you can choose up to 6 trees from a list of 8 trees. These can be swapped out instantly with another 'loadout' of upgrades.[3]


Upgrade Respect Challenge
Weapon Armory 1,000 N/A
Armor Armory 1,412 N/A
Temporary Armory 3,067 N/A
Medical Armory 3,067 N/A
Drug Armory 6,662 N/A
Booster Armory 6,662 N/A
Point Storage 15,773 N/A
Laboratory 105,027 Acquire 25 faction members


Upgrade Max Chain Size Respect Challenge
Chaining I 10 1,412 N/A
Chaining II 25 2,173 Achieve a chain of 10
Chaining III 50 3,067 Achieve a chain of 25
Chaining IV 100 4,719 Achieve a chain of 50
Chaining V 250 6,662 Achieve a chain of 100
Chaining VI 500 10,251 Achieve a chain of 250
Chaining VII 1,000 15,773 Achieve a chain of 500
Chaining VIII 2,500 22,265 Achieve a chain of 1,000
Chaining IX 5,000 34,258 Achieve a chain of 2,500
Chaining X 10,000 48,358 Achieve a chain of 5,000
Chaining XI 25,000 74,404 Achieve a chain of 10,000
Chaining XII 50,000 105,027 Achieve a chain of 25,000
Chaining XIII 100,000 161,596 Achieve a chain of 50,000


Member Capacity
Upgrade Capacity Respect Challenge
I 10 1,000 N/A
II 15 1,412 N/A
III 20 2,173 Achieve a faction age of 10 days
IV 25 3,067 Achieve a faction age of 20 days
V 30 4,719 Achieve a faction age of 30 days
VI 40 6,662 Achieve a faction age of 40 days
VII 50 10,251 Achieve a faction age of 50 days
VIII 65 15,773 Achieve a faction age of 75 days
IX 80 22,265 Achieve a faction age of 100 days
X 100 34,258 Achieve a faction age of 150 days


Territory Capacity
Upgrade Capacity Respect Challenge
Territory I 1 1,295 N/A
Territory II 2 1,678 Hold 1 territory for 3 days
Territory III 3 2,173 Hold 2 territories for 3 days
Territory IV 4 3,067 Hold 3 territories for 3 days
Territory V 5 3,972 Hold 4 territories for 3 days
Territory VI 6 5,144 Hold 5 territories for 3 days
Territory VII 7 6,662 Hold 6 territories for 3 days
Territory VIII 8 8,628 Hold 7 territories for 3 days
Territory IX 9 12,180 Hold 8 territories for 3 days
Territory X 10 15,773 Hold 9 territories for 3 days
Territory XI 11 20,427 Hold 10 territories for 3 days
Territory XII 12 26,453 Hold 11 territories for 3 days
Territory XIII 13 37,341 Hold 12 territories for 3 days
Territory XIV 14 48,358 Hold 13 territories for 3 days
Territory XV 15 62,625 Hold 14 territories for 3 days
Territory XVI 16 81,100 Hold 15 territories for 3 days
Territory XVII 17 105,027 Hold 16 territories for 3 days

Special Branches

Special branches are bonuses that all of your faction members receive. You can assign your respect to these specials. Be wary though, specials can only be unset 72 hours after being set, so you can't just change up your specials constantly. Additionally, the upgrade cost is dependent on which slot the branch presides in, with the first slot being the base costs listed below, and each subsequent slot being double the cost of the previous one (An upgrade costing 1000 respect in the first slot will cost 2000 respect in the second, 4000 in the third, etc.)

To unlock additional specialization branches, a faction must have a specified number of upgrades active at the same time. Once the requirement to unlock a specialization branch is reached, it will be permanently unlocked, even if the total amount of upgrades the faction currently has drops below the specified number.

Branch Unlock II: 20 upgrades

Branch Unlock III: 45 upgrades

Branch Unlock IV: 75 upgrades

Branch Unlock V: 110 upgrades

Branch Unlock VI: 150 upgrades

If you are interested in the old upgrades system, you can view those on this page.

This section is directly copied from Everything about faction specials by Harley [258120]

You can find more information on all the challenges you need to complete on this spreadsheet by FIN [527880] and Franky [1529693].

The Respect Simulator on YATA by Kivou [2000607] can also be used to predict respect required for each upgrade.


Main tree: Addiction: Reduce drug addiction up to 50%. (2% per upgrade)

Secondary trees:

  • Overdosing: Decrease overdose chance up to 30%. (3% per upgrade)

Note: No specials that reduce OD chance apply to Cannabis - source.

  • Side effects: Reduce passives negatives from drug effects and addiction up to 30%. (3% per upgrade)

Total Cost: 254,884 respect


Main trees:

  • Speed training: Increase speed gym gains up to 10%. (1% per upgrade)
  • Strength training: Increase strength gym gains up to 10%. (1% per upgrade)
  • Defense training: Increase defense gym gains up to 10%. (1% per upgrade)
  • Dexterity training: Increase dexterity gym gains up to 10%. (1% per upgrade)

Secondary trees:

  • An extra 5% on speed or strength
  • An extra 5% on defense or dexterity

Tertiary tree: An extra 5% on a stat, dependant on the specializations you chose previously.

Total Cost: 249,498 Respect (This is with 2 branches at std10, one at std15 & one at std20)


Main trees:

  • Speed: Increase speed passively up to 20%. (1% per upgrade)
  • Strength: Increase strength passively up to 20%. (1% per upgrade)

Secondary trees:

  • Accuracy: Increase accuracy up to +2.0. (+0.2 per upgrade)
  • Hospitalization: Increase outgoing hosp times up to 50%. (5% per upgrade)
  • Damage: Increase all damage up to 10%. (1% per upgrade)

Total Cost: 563,249 respect


Main tree: Travel capacity: Increase travel capacity up to 10. (1 per upgrade)

Secondary trees:

  • Travel cost: Reduce traveling fees up to 75%.(15% per upgrade)
  • Hunting: Increase hunting income up to 30%. (3% per upgrade)
  • Rehab cost: Reduce rehab cost up to 20%. (2% per upgrade)
  • Overseas banking: Increase cayman interest with a multiplier up to 25%. (5% per upgrade, this means you can get up to 0.625% interest instead of the base 0.5% This is further increased to 0.675% with the 7* Oil Rig job special)

Total Cost 320,921 respect


Main tree: Hospital time: Reduce all hospital times up to 25%. (1% per upgrade)

Secondary trees:

  • Life regeneration: Regenerate up to 4% more life per tick. (0.2% per upgrade)
  • Reviving: Reduce reviving cost down to 25 energy. ( 5 per upgrade)
  • Medical cooldown: Add up to 3h of med cooldown. (15m per upgrade)

Tertiary trees: Medical effectiveness: Gain up to 30% extra medical effectiveness. (2% per upgrade)

Total Cost: 526,142 respect


Main tree: Booster cooldown: Adds up to 24h of booster cooldown. (1h per upgrade)

Secondary trees:

  • Alcohol effect: Increase nerve gain from alcohol up to 50%. (5% per upgrade)
  • Candy effect: Increase happy gain from candy up to 50%. (5% per upgrade)
  • Energy drink effect: Increase energy gain from cans up to 50%. (5% per upgrade)

Total Cost: 275,581 respect


Main tree: Crimes: Provides up to 25% increase in crime skill and exp boost. (1% per upgrade)

Secondary trees:

  • Jail time: Decreases jail times up to 30%. (2% per upgrade)
  • Nerve: Increase maximum nerve up to 40 extra nerve. (1 per upgrade)

Tertiary tree: Bust skill: Increase bust skill up to 50%. (5% per upgrade)

Quaternary tree: Bust nerve: Decrease nerve bust cost up to 3. (1 per upgrade)

Total Cost: 593,993 respect


Main trees:

  • Defense: Increase Defense passively up to 20%. (1% per upgrade)
  • Dexterity: Increase dexterity passively up to 20%. (1% per upgrade)

Secondary trees:

  • Escape: Increases dexterity by up to 500% upon escape attempt. (50% per upgrade)
  • Maximum life: Increase maximum life up to 20%. (1% per upgrade)

Total Cost: 500,004 respect


For more information on faction challenges, please view the Faction Challenges page.

Controls Panel

This is where modifications of faction profile, newsletter sending, editing of user permissions and the creation dirty bombs takes place.

Give To User

Allows the faction leader, co-leader or anyone who has been given 'Money Giving' & 'Points Giving' permission to see the money and points balance of all members of the faction in the "Give to user" panel, and to give money or points to members. These balances increase when members donate money/points and decrease if they are given money/points. The 'payday' feature will not affect money balances. The balances can be adjusted to any value by the leader or co-leader; this only changes the member's displayed balance and has no other effect. Members can see their own personal balance on the armory page.

You can now use a URL request data to prefill the name & amount fields on the Give to user tab, to either give money or points, or add money or points to the user's balance. This will be in the format:

To give money

https://www.torn.com/factions.php?step=your#/tab=controls&giveMoneyTo=1636201&money=100000 https://www.torn.com/factions.php?step=your#/tab=controls&addMoneyTo=1636201&money=100000

To give points

https://www.torn.com/factions.php?step=your#/tab=controls&givePointsTo=1636201&points=100000 https://www.torn.com/factions.php?step=your#/tab=controls&addPointsTo=1636201&points=100000

Faction Communication

Faction Forums: The faction forums are a place for you to talk to your members, post ideas, services from the faction and offers. It is also the main place for any up-to-date news from the faction and a well-run forum is vital for a faction to succeed. All faction members can make threads and post in them, but only certain faction staff can delete threads that aren't theirs or make stickies.

Faction chatbox: This is for faction members to talk in real-time, it is useful during chainings or asking for help with regards to the faction.

Newsletter: Some Faction staff can send newsletters out, usually, these letters have important information regarding the faction and it is usually best to pay attention to these.

Pay Day

Allows members with the money giving permission to send money to multiple faction members at the same time.


Here, you can view, accept or decline the applications of users who have applied to your faction. Users that have withdrawn their application from the management tab will show the 'Withdrawn Status'.


This is where you find a full list of all members in your faction and change their positions accordingly.


Only the leader or co-leader can create positions and edit permissions for each position.

New members will receive a 'Recruit' position by default and will have limited access to the faction. After 72 hours, members receive the faction's default position which can be renamed by Leaders and Co-Leaders.

Level Permission
Green Medical Item Usage
Booster Item Usage
Drug Item Usage
Energy Refill Usage
Temporary Item Loaning
Weapon & Armor Loaning
Item Retrieving
Organized Crimes
Faction API Access
Orange Item Giving
Money Giving
Points Giving
Forum Management
Application Management
Red Kick Member
Balance Adjustment
War Management
Upgrade Management
Black Newsletter Sending
Announcement Changes
Description Changes


In the Laboratory you can build a Dirty Bomb. More details here.


The Leader and only the leader of a faction may choose to delete their faction. This cannot be done however, if the faction has over 100,000 respect. [4]

Factions delete hourly and only after that is the leader able to leave the faction permanently.

Historical Notes

  • Inactive Faction Leader Didn't Promote Correctly - Changed daily inactive faction leader replacement to be the co-leader or longest serving member online in the last 24 hours
  • Previously, the firework stand company had a special that would allow a user to spend job points to reduce the respect of an enemy faction. This special was removed when company specials were given a major overhaul in May, 2015.
  • Previously, a player needed to be a member of a faction for four days before receiving cash or points via the 'Give to Player' function.
  • If you lose or abandon a territory, you will not be able to attempt to take that territory again for 7 days. - As of December 2019, this rule has been removed.

Patch History

Released prior to Patch list #1

Patch list #332 : 02/04/2024
  • Released previously announced Ranked Warring meta shakeup '24 updates & changes
Patch list #261 : 18/10/22
  • Added 'add to balance' system to the 'give money' and 'give points' Faction controls panel
  • Simplified the pre-fill URLs used on the Faction Controls page I.e. &addMoneyTo={user}&money={value}
Patch list #255 : 06/09/22
  • Added archive to ensure the preservation of historical chain and raid reports older than 1 year
Patch list #240 : 25/05/22
  • Added ability for scripts to prefill player names & values into the faction's Give to User form via URL.
Patch list #194 : 01/06/21
  • Added ability to loan and recover multiple temporary items at once via the Faction Armory.
  • Changed chain reports to not include bonus hits in the 'average respect' column.
  • Changed chain reports to automatically sort by attacks descending by default.
  • Changed chain reports to highlight your row (if you appear on the table).
  • Changed reapply block timeout for declined Faction / Company applications timeout to 72 hrs.
Patch list #193 : 25/05/21
  • Added view button for faction / company applications that were previously accepted / declined / withdrawn.
Patch list #187 : 06/04/21
  • Changed the faction deletion system limiting it to factions under 100,000 respect.
  • Changed automatic temporary item reequipping to prioritise faction loaned items first.
Patch list #185 : 23/03/21
  • Changed faction money & points depositing to not be possible while in hospital or jail.
Patch list #183 : 09/03/21
  • Added clear red warning when a faction is about to abandon its final territory.
  • Added 72 hour cooldown to claim or war territory again after abandoning or losing final one.
Patch list #182 : 02/03/21
  • Added Early Discharge system to handle 'outside hit' mitigation which removes hospital time and restores life.
Patch list #181 : 23/02/21
  • Added outside attack mitigation so war participants gain no medical cooldown when alleviating hospital time.
Patch list #179 : 09/02/21
  • Added [view] links to attacks in faction news.
Patch list #178 : 02/02/21
  • Changed faction newsletters to also send to Co/Leaders no matter which group of members are selected.
Patch list #177 : 26/01/21
  • Added dropdown for sending faction newsletters to specific groups of members.
  • Added display of territory wall slot timer for the faction able to take it.
Patch list #176 : 19/01/21
  • Added optional reason entry field while kicking / firing a user from a Faction / Company.
Patch list #175 : 12/01/21
  • Added additional news ticker announcement slots for faction leadership.
  • Changed image size limits for faction and company profile images from 150KB -> 500KB.
Patch list #174 : 29/12/20
  • Changed faction tree special Side Effects to increase a user's Addiction Mitigation.
Patch list #172 : 15/12/20
  • Added inventory size limits for users and factions (100,000 items).
Patch list #167 : 10/11/20
  • Added total user / faction balance information on the "Give to user" panel for money and points.
Patch list #166 : 03/11/20
  • Added timer to hover-over tooltip of personal Faction Recruit icons.
Patch list #155 : 18/08/20
  • Changed "$" button logic when giving money from faction to use the selected user's balance.
Patch list #153 : 04/08/20
  • Added Peace Treaty trading for those with War Management permissions.
  • Changed faction member lists to include 'Days' where possible.
Patch list #152 : 28/07/20
  • Added confirmation message when the Co-Leader removes themselves from co-leadership.
  • Added Faction recruit position check while Trading.
  • Changed faction member list visible columns that appear in mobile view for each area.
Patch list #151 : 21/07/20
  • Released faction positions system.
  • Added forced 'Recruit' position for 72 hours after joining a faction.
  • Added 5 energy usage for joining an empty slot on a territory wall.
  • Added ability to pre-fill Faction Pay Day check-boxes with URL request data.
Patch list #148 : 30/06/20
  • Changed respect bonus icon tooltips to still show for disabled bonuses.
  • Changed members in factions that do not have tags to display "N/A" instead of just blank.
Patch list #143 : 26/05/20
  • Added Faction & Territory search tool to the City Map.
  • Added toggle option to show or hide your Battle Stats or Working Stats on Faction & Company applications.
Patch list #142 : 19/05/20
  • Changed applications that have been accepted / declined / withdrawn to remain on the list for 3 days.
  • Changed incoming applications to provide news and events to those with permissions to handle them.
  • Changed declining applications to provide news.
Patch list #140 : 05/05/20
  • Released Application System overhaul for Factions and Companies.
  • Changed Hazmat Suit to armor so it can be donated to faction armories.
  • Changed attacks in progress appearing in Faction Attacks to show 'Undecided' instead of 'None'.
Patch list #139 : 28/04/20
  • Changed Energy Refills via Faction to require all Special Refills to be used first (to dissuade hoarding).
Patch list #138 : 21/04/20
  • Changed contested territories so they will not split the territorial integrity of a faction.
  • Removed automatic 90 day Raid cooldowns (Traded peace treaties will cease & block raids for agreed duration).
Patch list #131 : 03/03/20
  • Added raid score increase upon faction member using a dirty bomb against the target faction.
Patch list #130 : 25/02/20
  • Added link to chain report when clicking on the chain bar while chain is in cooldown.
Patch list #129 : 18/02/20
  • Added the ability to cease a raid as loser if it's inactive for more than 72 hours (instead of automatic finish).
Patch list #128 : 11/02/20
  • Added 10 member requirement for declaring a raid
  • Added option to cease a raid after 24 hours if the opponent faction has less than 10 members.
  • Added events for all faction members in the event of wars starting or ending.
  • Added 'War hits', 'Bonus hits' and 'Average respect' to chain report table.
Patch list #127 : 04/02/19
  • Added ability to set multiple upgrades in a branch with one action on Faction Trees.
Patch list #126 : 28/01/19
  • Added bonuses list to chain reports.
  • Changed "Pin post" to be available on Faction Forums for users with FO permissions.
Patch list #124 : 14/01/20
  • Added Faction News search tool.
  • Changed faction Co-Leadership requirement to being in the faction for at least 3 days (from 7 days).
Patch list #119 : 26/11/19
  • Added system to prevent members from joining a territory wall if they joined the faction after the war started.
Patch list #115 : 29/10/19
  • Removed old rank column from faction search.
Patch list #113 : 15/10/19
  • Improved 'Faction co-leader change' faction news and events.
Patch list #110 : 10/09/19
  • Changed treaties display system on faction profiles.
Patch list #109 : 03/09/2019
  • Changed daily inactive faction leader replacement to be the co-leader or longest serving active member.
Patch list #107 : 20/08/19
  • Improved News and Armory tabs on the Faction page by switching to pure css & added ARIA labels.
Patch list #99 : 25/06/19
  • Changed faction member count / faction capacity to be consistent with company employee capacity.
  • Changed "Factions" top-bar title to "Faction" on mobile.
Patch list #93 : 14/05/19
  • Changed fallen faction members to not be included in the total member counts.
Patch list #91 : 23/04/19
  • Added the ability for co-leaders to cease raids or request surrender.
Patch list #90 : 16/04/19
  • Added system to recalculate faction member counts upon leave, kick & accepting applications.
Patch list #89 : 09/04/19
  • Added confirmation message while changing faction leader / co-leader.
  • Changed faction lists & pay day to order by name ascending.
Patch list #87 : 26/03/19
  • Added system to take ownership of items loaned from old / destroyed factions upon return attempt.
Patch list #86 : 19/03/19
  • Added amount shortcuts for points input fields in the faction page.
  • Changed order of faction permissions list to alphabetical name ascending.
Patch list #84 : 05/03/19
  • Added commas on faction respect in the faction search results.
  • Added ability for members to leave a faction during Dirty Bomb construction if they joined after it started.
  • Changed faction news tabs system (old logs may appear in wrong tabs)
  • Changed faction news timestamp format
  • Changed faction search results ordering to respect descending
Patch list #78 : 22/01/19
  • Added Armor details in faction armory & removed mods column for weapons.
Patch list #77 : 15/01/19
  • Added event sent to the previous co-leader when co-leadership is changed.
Faction Destruction, Raiding & Dirty bombs : 08/01/19
  • Faction Destruction
    • When a faction hits zero respect, they will be permanently destroyed. The faction will not be fully deleted, but it will enter an irrecoverable death state - this means the faction cannot be accessed, but its name and profile will be retained forever.
    • Upon destruction, all members of the faction will be removed and any inventory which isn't loaned out will be moved to the leader including money and points.
    • There is no way to recover once a faction reaches 0 respect.
    • Loaned items after destruction will belong to those who were loaning them.
    • All items, money and points in the faction will go to the current leader.
    • When a faction is destroyed, their profile will remain, showing its name, image and previous leaders.
  • Raiding:
    • During a raid, attacks will cause 100% damage rather than 25%, but produce no respect, only destruction.
    • There is no way to end a raid without the faction in the lead ceasing it or the other faction's destruction.
    • The faction with the lowest raid score can surrender. This will not end the raid unless the other faction accepts and ceases it.
    • After ceasing a raid, the two factions cannot raid each other again for 90 days.
    • Full stats and graphs are available after completing a raid within the raid report, like in territory warring.
    • A faction cannot have an existing chain before starting a raid, it will be forced into a cooldown state. Chains can be used to their fullest extent after the raid has started.
Patch list #76 : 08/01/19
  • Released Raiding.
  • Reopened Dirty bombs.
  • Added dead faction profiles.
Patch list #75 : 26/12/18
  • Added link to direct war wall to user wall icon.
Patch list #70 : 20/11/18
  • Added 'Crimes' tab to the faction news panel for organised crime related news.
  • Changed faction news tab selection on mobile to a dropdown menu.
Patch list #68 : 06/11/18
  • Changed faction balances editing rights to only leader / co-leader.
Chaining & respect loss changes : 30/10/18
  • Incremental bonus hits now provide a set amount of respect regardless of the target.
  • No additional bonus can affect the respect gained during incremental bonus hits, it will always be the same.
  • Respect loss has been increased from 10% to 25%.
Faction banking & Organized crime updates : 30/10/18
  • Those with the relevant permissions will now see the money and points balance of all members of the faction in the "Give to user" panel.
  • These balances increase when they donate money / points, and decrease if they are given money / points.
  • The 'pay day' feature will not affect money balances.
  • The balances can be adjusted to any value by the leader or co-leader, this only changes the balance of the user and has no other effect.
  • Members can see their own personal balance on the armory page.
  • Organised crimes can now be easily planned again with the same members immediately after completion. Simply click the "Plan again" button.
Patch list #67 : 30/10/18
  • Added faction member balances system.
  • Added organised crime re-planning.
  • Changed chaining incremental bonus hits to apply fixed amounts of respect.
  • Changed respect loss from 10% to 25%.
Patch list #64 : 09/10/18
  • Added inactive faction members to chain reports, highlighted by a red background color.
  • Added Armory weapon information in Faction Weapons list.
Patch list #60 : 11/09/18
  • Changed chain report order sort on the first click.
Patch list #57 : 21/08/18
  • Added 7 day faction membership requirement for 'Co-leadership'.
Patch list #54 : 31/07/18
  • Added 7 day faction membership requirement for 'Full Ordnance Management' (after 62 incidents).
Patch list #48 : 19/06/18
  • Changed style of faction icon for leader / co leader.
Patch list #47 : 12/06/18
  • Added payday initiator's name to events and faction news.
Patch list #42 : 24/04/18
  • Removed old faction rank from home page.
Patch list #41 : 17/04/18
  • Added the name of the faction member who selected OC participants to the faction news.
Patch list #39 : 03/04/18
  • Added ability to join territorial war from faction profile page.
Patch list #38 : 27/03/18
  • Added chain hit and respect modifiers to faction attacks API.
  • Added 'from' and 'to' inputs to faction attacks API.
  • Added transaction on faction payment to fix issue with money being sent from the faction.
Patch list #36 : 13/03/18
  • Changed Armoury/Armour names to Armory/Armor on Faction page.
Patch list #35 : 06/03/18
  • Added 'last_action' to faction members in faction 'basic' on API
  • Added 'maximum' to chain bar details on API
  • Changed fallen faction members to no longer use up member capacity
Patch list #33 : 20/02/18
  • Released 25,000 faction chains.
  • Removed 5 minute timer from faction retaliation hits.
Patch list #32 : 13/02/18
  • Added individual attack chain bonus icons to hitlist.
  • Added chain status to faction API.
  • Changed incremental chain bonuses to no longer stack with other bonuses.
  • Changed position of faction members on chain hitlist to always appear on the left side.
  • Increased base respect gains to compensate for incremental bonus stacking change.
Patch list #30 : 30/01/18
  • Added "Select / Clear all" functionality on Faction Permissions page.
  • Changed peace treaties to end wars currently in progress and block future ones.
  • Changed faction retaliation hits to require hospitalization.
  • Removed factions peace treaty block on profile attack buttons.
Patch list #29 : 23/01/18
  • Removed faction NAPs (converting Peace Treaties in progress).
  • Removed faction peace treaty 'attack block' from attacking.
  • Disabled retaliation respect bonus temporarily (will be enabled again today or tomorrow).
Patch list #28 : 16/01/18
  • Added default maximum 'fair fight bonus' for attacks between those with very high stats.
  • Reduced requirements of maximum 'fair fight bonus'.
  • Changed 'retaliation bonus' to trigger only on the first retaliation after initial hit.
Patch list #25 : 19/12/17
  • Released chain 10,000 faction tree upgrade.
Patch list #23 : 05/12/17
  • Released chain 5,000 faction tree upgrade.
Patch list #22 : 28/11/17
  • Released chain 2,500 faction tree upgrade.
  • Increased base respect gains to original x2 modifier.
Patch list #21 : 21/11/17
  • Changed base attacking respect gain increase from x2 to x1.66 to align with modifier fixes.
  • Changed 'war bonus' to only provide multiplier if opponent is being knocked off of wall.
Patch list #20 : 14/11/17
  • Increased maximum chain tree upgrade to 1,000.
  • Increased base attacking respect gain by x2 (initial increase).
Attacking respect & Chaining 2.0 released : 10/11/17
  • Any successful attack made by your faction members will now generate respect.
  • Factions:
    • Level: higher levelled targets will provide more respect than lower levelled ones.
    • Stat difference: The similarity in stats between you and the target (fair fights) can yield a bonus of up to x3.
    • Retaliation: If you attack someone who's just defeated one of your faction members, a bonus of x1.5 is applied.
    • Overseas: Attacking a target while you're overseas will provide a bonus of x1.25.
    • Group attack: A depreciating bonus of x1.25 will be applied for each additional friendly attacker.
    • War attacks: Any war-related attack (such as removing a target during a territorial war) will yield a x2 bonus.
    • The result: Leave & hospitalize provide the same amount of respect, while mugging has a slight reduction.
  • If the target is also in a faction, they will lose 10% of the respect that was gained.
  • All bonuses can be combined with each other, and can be further increased by chaining.
  • To enable chaining the first upgrade will need to be unlocked. Further chaining upgrades can be unlocked once challenges are met to increase the maximum possible size of chains.
  • The faction must complete 10 attacks successfully within 5:00 minutes to start a chain. After this, each additional attack will reset the timer.
  • Chains can apply additional bonuses to the respect gained:
    • Chain scaling: A bonus of up to x2 is applied depending on the current level of the chain.
    • Chain increments: Reaching 13 specific chain increments will give a one-time bonus to the respect gain made from an attack.
Patch list #19 : 10/11/17
  • Released attacking respect gain for faction members
  • Released Chaining 2.0 (chaining upgrades now available)
Closure of ranked wars & chaining : 29/08/17
  • Ranked warring and chains have been closed as of 12/09/17.
Patch list #6 : 25/07/17
  • Changed 'Faction' search position from last to second place.
  • Removed 'Faction' link for users without factions using 'Vicodin' item.
Patch list #5 : 18/07/17
  • Added faction tag next to faction name faction search (mobile).
  • Added automatic loaned item return to armoury upon leaving factions.
  • Removed armoury loan retrieval message / confirmation prior to kicking.
  • Removed 'Opponent busy' entries appearing on attack logs (hidden to reduce noise).
  • Changed faction 'Quit' references to 'Leave'.
Run away / Escape changes
  • Escape' faction tree upgrades increase dexterity on escape attempt turns


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