Torn Anniversary

The Torn Anniversary is on the 15th of November, celebrating the day that the game was created. During this "holiday", the letters of the Torn logo become donuts. Clicking on the letters consumes a portion of the letter to obtain one of the 4 resources (up to 10 times):

  • T - +50 Energy
  • O - +10 Nerve
  • R - +500 Happy
  • N - Increase Health by 25% (up to maximum) and 100 minutes hospital reduction time

There is a 15 minute cooldown between each bite of the same letter.


  • For the 2020 Anniversary, the Torn City map spawned 9,600 Birthday Cupcakes and 2,400 Strippogram Vouchers for players level 5 and above that were active within 6 hours.
    • Spawn is determined every 15 minutes, the player is ×4 as likely to see a Birthday Cupcake spawn than a Strippogram Voucher
  • For the 2019 Anniversary, Torn’s Anniversary Present was released. This was obtained simply by being active on Torn for an undisclosed period (more activity gives you more chances). You'll also need to be present in Torn City to receive the Present.