Vicodin #205
Vicodin is a powerful pain medication which is frequently abused by those looking to gain an edge in battle. The drug's ability to inhibit the body's pain perception allows users to perform physical feats at a higher level than before, while also making them a wee bit giddy. However, while Vicodin's effect on your strength, speed, defense, and dexterity is temporary, its damage to your liver is anything but. by 25%.
Temporarily increases all battle stats by 25%. Increases happiness by 75.

Vicodin is a Drug item that can be found abroad in Canada, Japan and the United Kingdom. It can also be received upon opening a Drug Pack.


After using Vicodin, the player will receive the following effects:

  • + 25% to all Fighting stats
  • + 75 Happy
  • Cool down: 240-360 minutes

If the player overdoses on Vicodin, they will receive the following effects instead:

  • - 150 Happy

Patch History

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