Ketamine #198
Originally deployed as a surgical anaesthetic during the Vietnam War, Ketamine is also popular among recreational drug users due to its capacity to induce dissociative sensations and hallucinations. However, in Torn City, you'll find its users in the foxhole rather than a k-hole, with ket used to numb the body against incoming attacks. Because everyone knows that if you can't feel it, it didn't happen!

Ketamine is a Drug item that can be acquired via the 5* Farm and Zoo special "Special K". It can also be purchased abroad in Argentina, Japan and Switzerland


After using Ketamine, the player will receive the following effects:

  • - 20% to Strength & Speed
  • + 50% to Defense
  • Cool down: 45-60 minutes

If the player overdoses on Ketamine, they will receive the following effects instead:

  • - 100% Energy, Nerve & Happy
  • Hospital: 1,000 minutes
  • Increased cool down (24-27 hours)
  • -20% to Strength & Speed

Patch History

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