Dirty Bomb

Dirty Bomb #337
A weapon which combines radioactive material with explosives. A dirty bomb would be unlikely to cause many deaths; its main purpose would be to cause a mass panic.
Damages a faction's respect and cripples its members with radiation poisoning and hospital time.

The Dirty Bomb (DB) is a Special item that is built in a faction and is used against another faction with the aim of causing respect loss. It has the potential to bring massive destruction to the target faction if it is dropped when they have low respect. If a faction ends up with 0 respect it will be destroyed instantly and all items / money & points returned to the faction leader. Due to the very high prices of the materials needed to make a dirty bomb it is a very rare item. You also do not need to be in a faction to use a DB.

The only protection against dirty bombs are hazmat suits. You can also use neumune tablets to get rid of some of the radiation poisoning effects, but you will still have to wait quite some time to be fully rid of them.


  • To make a DB you must be a leader of a faction that has all the other armory upgrades.
  • The faction must have a 25 man capacity, but only needs to have 20+ members.
  • You have to have completed the General Science education course.
  • Buy the Laboratory upgrade for 105,027 respect and donate 100 x Cesium-137 to the faction.
  • Equip the Hazmat Suit and then, you can start assembling a bomb. It will take up to 200 hours to complete (Some users have experienced varying times other than 200 hours, other recorded build times have been 184 and 173 hours). No members can leave the faction or travel to other countries before the bomb will be ready. The event in the faction news appear:

01/01/11 11:11 PM (Leader's name) has begun the construction process of a Dirty Bomb!

  • When the bomb is preparing, random faction members will be hospitalized due to radiation poisoning - everybody can notice them in hospital and discover your intentions, these hospitalizations happen at the xx:01 minute mark Torn time.
  • After 200 hours have passed the leader will receive an event and the DB item in their inventory. There is also an event in the faction news:

01/09/11 15:11 PM The Dirty Bomb has been completed! The leader now has it in their items!

Note: If you joined the faction after the build already started you will be able to leave the faction at any time.[1]



  • A dirty bomb can only be planted if there isn't already a dirty bomb event happening, these can take up to 6 hours to be completed.
  • To target a faction the faction's leader must be entered after using the item.
  • Upon activation everyone in Torn will be notified of the placement of a dirty bomb.
  • Although you need to be in a faction to create a dirty bomb, you do not need to be in a faction to plant a dirty bomb.
  • Priming a Dirty Bomb requires 24 hours. This allows Staff time to determine if the bomb was obtained by legitimate means. If you move a "primed" Dirty Bomb to your Display Case/Bazaar, it will no longer reset the priming process for you personally. [2]
  • Dirty bombs will now appear unstacked on Inventory, Bazaars & Display cases.
  • Priming a dirty bomb gives the following message:

This dirty bomb is currently being primed for use. This process will be completed in around X hours. If you wish, you can cancel this process and safe the dirty bomb.

  • Currently, a priming and un-primed Dirty Bomb have the same appearance, so it is difficult for the owner to distinguish them.
  • The messages received when planting a dirty bomb:
    • This dirty bomb is primed for detonation. If you are not planning on using it soon, it is highly recommended that you safe it. To plant it, select the leader of the target faction. (You are given an entry box to type in the name or id of the leader)
    • Are you sure you want to use the Dirty Bomb on <faction name>? Yes / Cancel
    • You load the dirty bomb into a van and park it close to the {name} HQ! You set the timer and begin making your way out of the area. Now it's only a matter of patience...
  • Dirty Bombs can be sent/traded but will be unprimed for a user who has not primed that specific Dirty Bomb and it will remain primed for a user that has.


  • Detonation will occur between 1 & 2 hours after planting, all active users will receive a notification that a dirty bomb has detonated.
  • The person detonating will remain completely anonymous throughout the entire event, unless they choose to tell the public who they are.
  • An example of the message you will receive after detonation:

Your dirty bomb has detonated, injuring 377 citizens and severely damaging <target faction>, decreasing its respect by 113,797 to 521,938.


Targeted Faction

  • The targeted faction will lose 5% of their faction's respect, and an additional 70,000 to 100,000 respect, if a faction drops to 0 respect the faction will be destroyed instantly, all items / points & money will be returned to the faction's leader. This means a faction with less than 73,685 respect will have a guarantee of being destroyed, should it be hit.
  • Members of the targeted faction will receive radiation poisoning and be hospitalized anywhere from 48 to 72 hours as a result. Their battle stats will also be reduced by 99% for 21 to 30 days, and Energy / Happy / Nerve bars will be emptied. This can only be prevented by wearing a Hazmat Suit. Although Neumune Tablets can be used, they only reduce hospital time by 3 hours at the cost of 3 hours Medical Cooldown with radiation reduction -50%. This means that, unless your faction has Fortitude, you are effectively stuck in hospital for a considerable amount of time.
  • Members of the targeted faction cannot leave, or be kicked, for 72 hours after detonation while it is in recovery.
  • Members of the targeted faction that do not have a Hazmat Suit equipped will "Fall ill under radiation poisoning" for roughly 2-3 days medical time. You cannot take drugs while in this state and the message reads as :"The nurses have placed you in radioactive quarantine. You cannot take drugs until you leave hospital.".
  • All Organized Crimes within the targeted faction are canceled.


  • Random players that are online may get hit by debris or affected by radiation poisoning, though generally less severe than the targeted faction, this can still be quite significant. As mentioned previously, radiation poisoning can only be prevented by Hazmat Suit and Cured by Neumune Tablets / natural decay. Conventional methods to get out of the hospital do not work on radiation poisoning. ( this means normal medical items & revives will not do anything)
  • All faction rosters are locked as the event goes on.
  • Players under New Player Protection who are not in the targeted faction are unaffected by random radiation poisoning.


  • The city will enter a state of emergency for 4 hours immediately following the detonation of a dirty bomb. This is 6 hour ticks after planting.
  • The airport is closed, this means no one is allowed to initiate any new flight from Torn. However, those who flew before the planting can still return to torn.
  • All stores in the city are closed until the state of emergency ends.


  • Since the release of the new Stock Market update (A.K.A Stocks 3.0) Dirty bombs no longer cause a brief crash in share prices. [3]

Related Awards

Dirty Bomb related awards
Image Name Requirements
238538011.png Discovery Be in a faction that begins construction of a Dirty Bomb
951557928.png RDD Use a Dirty Bomb
506875686.png Slow Bomb Use a Dirty Bomb
  • Both RDD and Slow Bomb awards are given for setting off a single Dirty Bomb.
  • Members (including recruits) must be present in the faction prior to the commencement of the build to receive the “Discovery” award.

Patch History

Released in Patch list #

Patch list #206 : 24/08/21
  • Added dedicated networth valuations for Unique Properties ($50b), Dirty Bombs ($50b), Dual Primaries ($20b), and Dubai Luxuries (purchase costs)
Patch list #190 : 27/04/21
  • Added forced requirement to click 'Okay' on a Dirty Bomb notification to prevent them from being missed.
  • Added redirect to originally requested page (instead of Home) after clicking 'Okay' on a Dirty Bomb notification.
Patch list #131 : 03/03/20
  • Added raid score increase upon faction member using a dirty bomb against the target faction.
Patch list #113 : 15/10/19
  • Changed random hospital time from the dirty bomb building process to avoid potential mission targets.
Patch list #112 : 24/09/19
  • Changed Dirty Bombs to appear unstacked in inventory / bazaars / display cases.
Dirty bomb priming
  • Those with Dirty Bombs will need to prime them for detonation before they can be used.
  • This process takes 24 hours.
  • Once it is primed, it will remain ready for usage.
  • If a Dirty Bomb changes hands, or enters a bazaar or display cabinet, it will need to be primed again.
Patch list #103 : 23/07/19
  • Added priming & safing mechanic to Dirty Bombs.
  • Changed dirty bombs to close all shops including Big Al's Gun Shop except for new players (with leaf icon).
Patch list #84 : 05/03/19
  • Added ability for members to leave a faction during Dirty Bomb construction if they joined after it started.
Faction Destruction, Raiding & Dirty bombs : 08/01/19
  • A dirty bomb can be used if there's not already a dirty bomb event happening (which takes up to 6 hours).
  • Immediately upon activation, everyone who is not travelling will receive the dirty bomb notification on their next pageview, indicating that one has been 'planted'.
  • Outbound travel from Torn will be unavailable. Many shops will also be closed.
  • During the planting period, members of all factions cannot leave or be kicked.
  • After 1-2 hours, detonation will occur.
  • The respect damage made to the faction will be calculated and applied, with the figure being 5% of the faction's respect plus a random value between 70,000 and 100,000. If this drops the faction to 0 respect, they are officially destroyed and the profile is changed to a death state. All members are removed from the faction within an hour following this eventuality, and its inventory is passed to the leader.
  • Members of the affected faction will receive 48 - 72 hours of hospital time, and 21 - 30 days of radiation poisoning. Energy, Nerve and Happiness is also set to 0. Equipped hazmat suits will mitigate all of these effects for members as well as the general public.
  • The targeted faction's members cannot leave or be kicked for 72 hours following detonation while it is in recovery.
  • Neumune tablets will increase medical cooldown by 6 hours, decrease hospital time by 6 hours and reduce radiation by 1 day.
  • The targeted faction's organised crimes are all cancelled.
  • Any members of the general public who are online at the time of detonation may be affected.
  • Stock markets will be hit with a fairly minor short-term fall. (This no longer seems to be the case)
  • The person who detonated the dirty bomb will be completely anonymous.
Patch list #76 : 08/01/19
  • Released Raiding.
  • Reopened Dirty bombs.
Patch list #13 : 12/09/17
  • Enabled Dirty bomb construction (but not usage, yet!).


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