Speed #204
Speed does exactly what it says on the tin, making your hands move so fast your opponent will think they're having a stroke. But don't get too cocky, because while you're busy trying to land a hit, your clouded mind leaves you open to a counterattack. Sacrificing dexterity for velocity, you'll be equal parts swift and vulnerable, like a premature baby on rocket skates.
Temporarily increases Speed by 20%. Increases happiness by 50. Includes side effects.

Speed is a Drug item that can be purchased abroad in Argentina, China, Japan and Switzerland


After using Speed, the player will receive the following effects:

  • - 20% to Dexterity
  • + 20% to Speed
  • + 50 Happy
  • Cool down: 250 - 352 minutes

If the player overdoses on Speed, they will receive the following effects instead:

  • Hospital: 150 minutes
  • - 6 x (current level) to Strength & Defense (permanent)
  • 100% Loss of Energy, Nerve & Happiness

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