Distraction is the mechanic that governs what happens to a defender when they are attacked by multiple players. Several debuffs are applied with the "Distracted" status effect in order to weaken the defenders effective battle stats and make them easier to beat.

You will notice Distraction most commonly in attack logs, where your opponent(s) are able to have multiple turns without you responding.

Although the Distracted status effect is applied to the defender, the level of Distraction is personalised to each attacker. When one player has made an aggressive action against a defender within the last 30 seconds, this defender will have a level one Distraction effect applied from all other attackers point of view. If two players have made an aggressive action, all players aside from these two will see a level two Distraction effect - so on and so forth. When a player makes an aggressive action, their perceived level of Distraction will reset to zero. For a helpful visualisation of this, visit this post in tutorials and guides.

An aggressive action includes all actions except:

  • reloading a weapon
  • injecting temporary booster needles (such as melatonin)

Aggression Debuff

A users "Aggression" relates to their effective Strength and Speed.

While Distracted a defenders ability to respond is reduced to "one out of Number-of-attackers". That is, when a turn is made against a defender, the defender will have the following chance to make a turn themselves: 1 / (D+1)

where D is the level of distraction. D+1 may also be considered N, the number of players who have made an aggressive action against the defender in the last 30 seconds.

For example: if two players are fighting a defender. From each of the attackers point of view, the defender will have a level one Distraction effect applied at maximum. D = 1, and N = 2. So the defender will have a 1 / 2 (or 50%) chance of having a turn for each turn that each attacker makes.

Suppression Debuff

A users "Suppression" relates to their effective Defense and Dexterity.

While Distracted a defenders Defense and Dexterity are halved for every additional attacker. That is, these stats are reduced to: 1 / 2^D

where again D is the level of Distraction, equal to N-1 where N is the number of attackers who have made an aggressive action within the last 30 seconds.

If the number of attackers is two, the maximum level of Distraction will be one. This means that from the point of view of each attacker, the defenders Defense and Dexterity will be reduced to 1 / 2^1 (or 50%). Since these numbers are a little harder to visualise, the table below outlines the first few values for this effect.

Suppression Debuff
Distraction Level Reduction 10,000,000 becomes...
1 50.00% 5,000,000
2 75.00% 2,500,000
3 87.50% 1,250,000
4 93.75% 625,000
5 96.88% 312,500
6 98.44% 156,250
7 99.22% 78,125
8 99.61% 39,063
9 99.80% 19,531
10 99.90% 9,766

Patch History

Released in Patch list #140

Patch list #192 : 18/05/21
  • Increased group attack simultaneous attacker limit from 70 to 100.
Patch list #140 : 05/05/20
  • Released Distraction effect group attacking change.
Upcoming change: Group attacking distraction
  • Currently a debuff is applied to a target when two or more people are attacking them at the same time. This debuff does two things...
    • Halves the target's defensive stats (Defense & Dexterity) for every additional attacker.
    • Reduces the target's ability to respond to attacks to 1 out of 'Number of attackers'.
  • This planned update will keep these effects, but with an important change. Simply put, the group attacking debuff will reset for you whenever you make a turn, so you must let it build up again after every hit you make.
  • These two group attacking debuffs (defensive stat & ability to respond reductions) will be merged into a single status effect called 'Distracted'. This effect appears on the target but is personalized to every attacker.
  • This effect will appear as its own unique icon with a counter inside of it - indicating the live level of distraction. This level increases with each unique attacker who makes a hit against the target within the last 30 seconds.
  • When you make an aggressive action against the target (I.e. not reloading / using needles), the Distraction level will completely reset to 0 and the target's attention will be focused onto you.