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Are you looking for Cosmetic Caches?

A Cache is a supply box item that is given as a reward for participating in a Ranked War.

Opening a cache will produce at least a Yellow quality weapon or armor piece with boosted stats and a single class-specific bonus.

There is a small chance of producing an Orange quality weapon, with a smaller still chance of producing a Red quality weapon. Orange and Red quality weapons will provide higher damage/accuracy boosts, as well as a small chance at weapons with two class-specific bonuses. Red tier armor pieces will provide the highest level of armor mitigation.

There are a number of types of Cache you can earn from a ranked war:


A Melee Cache will contain a Clubbing, Slashing or Piercing weapon.

Small Arms

A Small Arms Cache will contain an SMG or Pistol weapon.

Medium Arms

A Medium Arms Cache will contain a Rifle or Shotgun weapon.

Heavy Arms Cache

A Heavy Arms Cache will contain a Machine Gun or Heavy Artillery weapon.


An Armor Cache will contain a Riot, Assault, Dune, Delta, Marauder, Sentinel, Vanguard or EOD armor piece.

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