First Aid Kit

First Aid Kit #67
Use this first aid kit to bind your wounds and shorten your hospital stay.
Reduces hospital by 40 minutes and restores 10% life. Increases medical cooldown by 15 mins.
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First Aid Kit (commonly abbreviated to "FAK" by players) is a Medical item that can be purchased from (but not sold to) the Pharmacy.

Unlike Blood Bags, FAKs can be used by any player to reduce Hospital time.

The First Aid Kit was one of the items available at the launch of Torn on 15 November 2004, having been introduced during the Torn City Beta.


The FAK is primarily obtained by opening Boxes of Medical Supplies, which have a chance to give 30 FAKs. It can also be purchased at the Pharmacy, found through city finds, and obtained from the Medical job special to steal a FAK for four Medical Points once a player reaches the rank of Senior Houseman.

FAKs can be purchased from the Mission reward shop in varying quantities.

First Aid Kit at Mission reward shop
Quantity Cost
3 * ~5 Mission reward credits
50 ~161-164 Mission reward credits
100 ~289-312 Mission reward credits

* This offer only appears for new accounts.


Using a FAK will increase a player's Life by 10% of its maximum, increase medical cooldown by 15 minutes and reduce Hospital time by 40 minutes if a player is in the hospital. While the FAK's life gain and hospital reduction are inferior to Blood Bags, FAKs have the benefit of being usable by anyone.

Historical Notes

At release, FAKs took 50 minutes off a players hospital time but did not restore any life and had no cooldown. [1] Medical cooldown was added at the same time as Booster cooldown, the Medical 2.0 update gave FAKs the ability to restore life in 2015, [2] and the Medical Revamp 2021 changed the hospital time removal to 40 minutes, [3].

Image History

First Aid Kit Image History
Years Used Image
July 2012 [4] to December 2017 4lP0jxd.jpg
December 2017 to present wVnJ1iN.png

A pre 2012 image for the First Aid Kit showed a metal military tin with a red cross on it. This image has likely been lost to time.

Patch History

Released in Patch list #


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