Neumune Tablet

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Neumune Tablet #361
Neumune, an androstenediol, was introduced as a radiation countermeasure by the US Armed Forces Radiobiology Research Institute and has begun production in Switzerland. Neumune is in Investigational New Drug (IND) status and Phase I trials have been performed.
Reduces radiation hospital time by 3 hours and radiation effect by 12 hours. Increases medical cooldown by 3 hours.
Under the effect of radiation poisoning.
Buy Price

Neumune Tablet is a Medical item that can be purchased in Switzerland for $6,500,000.


This is the only Medical item that will remove Hospital time if you have Radiation Poisoning due to a Dirty Bomb either in construction or detonation or due to the use of an irradiated blood bag.

As of 23/02/21, using a Neumune Tablet will increase Medical Cooldown by 3 hours, decrease Hospital time by 3 hours (affected by medical effectiveness bonuses), and reduce Radiation Poisoning by 12 hours (1.5%). It will not remove Hospital time for any other reason.

Patch History

Released in Patch list #

Patch list #181 : 23/02/2021
Patch list #?
  • Neumune Tablet was released.