Blood Bag : O-

Blood Bag : O- #739
A blood bag filled with type O- blood. Compatible with recipients in any blood group.
Reduces hospital by 120 mins and restores 30% life. Increases medical cooldown by 30 mins.
Intravenous Therapy education course.

Blood Bag : O- is a Medical item that is created when a player with the O- blood type uses an Empty Blood Bag. In order to use a blood bag, a player must complete the Intravenous Therapy education course.


Upon using an O- Blood Bag, a player's life is increased by 30%, and their medical cooldown is increased by 30 minutes. If the player is in the Hospital, their hospital time is also reduced by 120 minutes.

O- blood is compatible with all blood types and as such, a player can not suffer an acute hemolytic transfusion reaction from using one.

Information on blood type compatibility can be found here

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