Zylkene #797
Zylkene is a stress reducing drug mostly prescribed to dogs.
Reduces stress in canines.

Zylkene is a Medical item that was released 25 October 2016 [1]. It is used in the Duke Mission "Out of the Frying Pan." It cannot be traded between players or sold to a store.


Zylkene can only be obtained through starting the Duke mission "Out of the Frying Pan," which causes Duke to send the player Zylkene along with a Felovax. It will be removed from the player's inventory if the mission is failed or allowed to time out.


Using Zylkene will immediately remove all of a player's Hospital time. It does not restore any Life. In "Out of the Frying Pan," Zylkene must be used after being put in the Hospital by use of Feloxav to advance the mission.

Historical Notes

Zylkene Image History
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25 October 2016 to Present x737SKF.png

Patch History

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  1. Chedburn, New Duke contracts added (25/10/16)