Blood Bag : B+

Blood Bag : B+ #734
A blood bag filled with type B+ blood. Compatible with recipients in group B+ and AB+.
Reduces hospital by 120 mins and restores 30% life. Increases medical cooldown by 30 mins.
Intravenous Therapy education course.

Blood Bag : B+ is a Medical item that is created when a player with the B+ blood type uses an Empty Blood Bag. In order to use a blood bag, a player must complete the Intravenous Therapy education course.


If the players blood type is compatible with B+ Blood, their life is increased by 30%, and their medical cooldown is increased by 30 minutes. If the player is in the Hospital, their hospital time is also reduced by 120 minutes.

If the player is not compatible with B+ blood, they will suffer an acute hemolytic transfusion reaction, and be sent to hospital for 90 minutes.

Information on blood type compatibility can be found here

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