Stock Market

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The stock market is where you can buy and sell shares in a variety of stocks, for investing in benefit blocks or speculative trading.

Stock Trading

Getting Started

In order to use the stock market you must first own a Stock Ticker. This can be purchased for 25 Points from the Points Building.

The stock market can be accessed via the URL:

If you own any shares in any stock, you will also have the stock market icon displayed in your Information panel, with a direct link to the stock market.

Buying and Selling

  • To buy or sell shares in a particular stock, click on the cell in the "Owned" column. This will open up a panel where you can buy and sell shares, as well as a table of data regarding your current purchases.
  • There are no limits to how many shares you can purchase, sell or own at any one time. Buying and selling shares is an instantaneous process, although if you attempt to do so while prices are updating it may take a few (~10) seconds before asking you to confirm the order again with the new share price.
  • Buying doesn't come with any tax.
  • Selling shares comes with a fee of 0.1% of the total value you sell. For example, if you sell $1,000,000 in total value, a fee of $1,000 is taken. This fee was waived between 06/04/21 and 20/04/21.
  • You can sell individual purchases via the link in the purchase history table, alternatively you can also input the number of shares to sell in the input field above this table.
  • Purchases can be merged into a single "position"; doing this will average all of the data, including "Bought price", "Bought date", "Profit" and "Change".
  • Stocks cannot be bought or sold while in hospital, jail or traveling.
  • Stocks cannot be traded directly between players. Since shares are bought and sold instantaneously, there is no longer a requirement for P2P trading. All stocks will be bought and sold via the stock market.
  • The profits, losses, and fees paid are included in the personal stats under 'investments' heading. 'Profits/losses received' are not inclusive of 'fees paid'. This information is not visible to others.

Stock Prices

Regarding the prices of the stocks, Chedburn made the following comments.[1]

  • Price movements are now every minute (instead of every 15 minutes) and are based on real-world stocks in the same industries as Torn's; we won't be able to provide any more information than this.
  • Stock prices are expected to increase by an average of 10% per year; however, there are no guarantees. Some stocks can be incredibly volatile, doubling within a month or crashing significantly.

Stock Benefits

Stock Benefits come in two types: "Passive" or "Active".

  • Passive benefits require owning the correct number of shares for 7 days before the benefit activates. Active benefits pay out dividends every 7 or 31 days.
  • It is possible to own multiple "increments" of each Active benefit stock. Every successive increment costs double that of the previous increment.
    • For example, a benefit block of FHG costs 2,000,000 shares - paying out 1 FHC every 7 days. This means the second increment costs 4,000,000 shares (for a total of 6,000,000) - paying out a second FHC every 7 days, and the third increment costs 8,000,000 shares (for a total of 14,000,000) - paying out a third FHC every 7 days.
  • If you currently have time progression toward an Active benefit dividend, purchasing additional increments will not reset this progression. Instead, progression will continue for the previous amount owned until the dividend is ready, and after this time progression will begin toward multiple increments.
    • For example: You have 1 increment of FHG and have owned it for 3 days. You then purchase 2 more increments. After 4 days, you will receive 1 FHC. At this point progression begins again and after 7 days you will receive 3 FHCs.
  • Active benefits cannot be stored and must be claimed before any time progression can be made toward another. This means that if you are currently receiving 1 FHC per week, you cannot go inactive for 2 weeks and collect 2 FHC. Progression toward a benefit works on a daily cron at midnight, meaning there is a 24 hours window in which to collect dividends before any time progression toward the next dividend is lost.
    • Since Energy is capped at 1,000 and Happiness is capped at 99,999, collecting a dividend that would result in going beyond these limits will waste this dividend. Thus purchasing more than 10 MCS increments will waste energy every 7 days.
    • Once a dividend is available to collect you will receive the following event: “A stock dividend from X is now available for withdrawal from the Stock Exchange.”

Summary Table

Stock Benefits
Name Acronym Shares Type Frequency Benefit
Alcoholics Synonymous ASS 1,000,000 Active 7 days 1x Six Pack of Alcohol
Big Al's Gun Shop BAG 3,000,000 Active 7 days 1x Ammunition Pack
Crude & Co CNC 7,500,000 Active 31 days $80,000,000
Eaglewood Mercenary EWM 1,000,000 Active 7 days 1x Box of Grenades
Empty Lunchbox Traders ELT 5,000,000 Passive -- 10% Home Upgrade Discount
Evil Ducks Candy Corp EVL 100,000 Active 7 days 1000 Happy
Feathery Hotels Group FHG 2,000,000 Active 7 days 1x Feathery Hotel Coupon
Grain GRN 500,000 Active 31 days $4,000,000
Herbal Releaf Co. CBD 350,000 Active 7 Days 50 Nerve
Home Retail Group HRG 10,000,000 Active 31 days 1x Random Property
I Industries Ltd. IIL 1,000,000 Passive -- 50% (Virus) Coding Time Reduction
Insured On Us IOU 3,000,000 Active 31 days $12,000,000
International School TC IST 100,000 Passive -- Free Education Courses
Legal Authorities Group LAG 750,000 Active 7 days 1x Lawyer Business Card
Lo Squalo Waste Management LOS 7,500,000 Passive -- 25% Boost to mission credits and money earned
Lucky Shots Casino LSC 500,000 Active 7 days 1x Lottery Voucher
Mc Smoogle Corp MCS 350,000 Active 7 days 100 Energy
Messaging Inc. MSG 300,000 Passive -- Free Classified Advertising
Munster Beverage Corp. MUN 5,000,000 Active 7 days 1x Six Pack of Energy Drink
Performance Ribaldry Network PRN 1,000,000 Active 7 days 1x Erotic DVD
PointLess PTS 10,000,000 Active 7 days 100 Points
Symbiotic Ltd. SYM 500,000 Active 7 days 1x Drug Pack
Syscore MFG SYS 3,000,000 Passive -- Advanced Firewall
TC Media Productions TCP 1,000,000 Passive -- Company Sales Boost
TC Music Industries TMI 6,000,000 Active 31 days $25,000,000
Tell Group Plc. TGP 2,500,000 Passive -- Company Advertising Boost
The Torn City Times TCT 100,000 Active 31 days $1,000,000
Torn & Shanghai Banking TSB 3,000,000 Active 31 Days $50,000,000
Torn City Clothing TCC 7,500,000 Active 31 days 1x Clothing Cache
Torn City Health Service THS 150,000 Active 7 days 1x Box of Medical Supplies
Torn City Investments TCI 1,500,000 Passive -- 10% Bank Interest Bonus
Torn City Motors TCM 1,000,000 Passive -- 10% Racing Skill Boost
West Side University WSU 1,000,000 Passive -- 10% Course Time Reduction
Wind Lines Travel WLT 9,000,000 Passive -- Private Jet Access
Yazoo YAZ 1,000,000 Passive -- Free Banner Advertising

Additional Benefits Description

  • Syscore MFG (SYS) - Advance Firewall - provides protection to player and player's company against:
    • Intricate Hack - Software Corporation
      • Hack a company's bank account for up to 3% total cash
    • Proxy Hacking - Software Corporation/Cyber Cafe
      • Cancelling a targets virus programming
    • IP Tracing - Cyber Cafe
      • View lister of anonymous bounties

  • Home Retail Group (HRG) - Random property - Each property between Trailer and Private Island has an equal chance (1/13) of being given.

  • Insured on Us (IOU) - Possible chance to be involved in a class action lawsuit (Receive cash) when somebody in the Law city job uses the Paralegal special.

Patch History

Released in Patch list #187

Patch list #259 : 04/10/22
  • Changed Mc Smoogle dividend increments to cap out at 10 (1,000 energy)
Patch list #199 : 06/07/21
  • Released new stock Munster Beverage Corp. which provides Six Packs of Energy Drink.
  • Fixed Monopoly requirements to be based on the current number of live stocks instead of simply 30.
Patch list #198 : 29/06/21
  • Released new stock Alcoholics Synonymous which provides Six Packs of Alcohol
Patch list #197 : 22/06/2021
  • Changed Stock Market sells to remove shares from the newest transaction rather than the oldest
Patch list #190 : 27/04/21
  • Added red warnings to the Stock Market when selling shares that will interrupt a benefit or dividend cycle.
  • Added ability to share Stock Market graphs by copying page URLs.
Patch list #189 : 20/04/21
  • Added persistent column sorting on the Stock Market by tapping / clicking the headers
  • Added gold variant of the Stock Market user icon to indicate collectable dividends
  • Added 0.1% fee to Stock Market sales after the two week free period
  • Added personal stat to record 'Stock fees paid'
  • Added stock market price change headlines to the News Ticker
Patch list #188 : 13/04/21
  • [API] Released 'user' -> 'stocks' and 'torn' -> 'stocks' selections for the new stock market
Patch list #187 : 06/04/21
  • Released Stocks 3.0


  1. Chedburn, Stocks 3.0 (06/04/21).