Six Pack of Energy Drink

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Six Pack of Energy Drink #818
Need a pick me up? This randomly chosen six-pack of assorted energy drinks will have you shaking with pure enthusiasm in five seconds flat. Munster, Red Cow or Taurine Elite could be waiting for you in this carefully curated collection of refreshing liquid could a heart attack.
Provides 6 premium energy drinks when opened.
Supply Pack

Six Pack of Energy Drink is a Supply Pack item that can be acquired via MUN's Benefit Block, and as a Subscriber Reward

Possible Contents

Upon opening the Six Pack of Energy Drink, the player will receive a total of 6 energy drinks, randomly chosen from the list below

Item Cooldown Benefit
Can of Munster 2 Hours + 20 Energy
Can of Santa Shooters 2 Hours + 20 Energy
Can of Red Cow 2 Hours + 25 Energy
Can of Rockstar Rudolph 2 Hours + 25 Energy
Can of Taurine Elite 2 Hours + 30 Energy
Can of X-MASS 2 Hours + 30 Energy

Patch History

Released in Patch list #

Patch list #199 : 06/07/21
  • Released new stock Munster Beverage Corp. which provides Six Packs of Energy Drink