Small Explosive Device

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Small Explosive Device #380
A very small explosive device. Generally used in parcels to give the opener a nasty surprise.
Can be hidden inside a parcel to hospitalize someone for 5 hours upon opening.

Small Explosive Device is a Special item that can be found in Torn.


A Small Explosive Device can be placed inside an Empty Box, turning it into a Parcel. It may then be disguised as a random item if no other items were added, or as one of the items added to the Empty Box along with the Small Explosive Device.

When opened, the person who opened the parcel, will be blown up and may be sent to the hospital for up to 5 hours. Any additional items in the parcel will also be destroyed.

Opening two or more Small Explosive Devices will not stack hospital time.


Small Explosive Device can be acquired via following methods:

Patch History

Released in Patch list #

Patch list #223 : 21/12/2021
  • Changed Small Explosive Devices to refresh hospital time up to 5 hours rather than continuously stacking