Players are able to Arrest another player after defeating them in an attack, earning a cash reward and sending that player to Jail.


In order to arrest another player, you must first be a part of a 3* or above Detective Agency for at least three days to receive the Deputized perk. You will lose this perk if you leave the company.

Second, you must defeat them in combat, and then select the 'Arrest' option, which will appear to Deputized players alongside the usual Leave, Mug, and Hospitalize options. Not everyone can be arrested, only players that meet the minimum threshold to be arrested.

By arresting a player, you will be awarded an amount equal to a percentage of all profit they have made from crimes since their last arrest. This includes both cash, and the value of any items received from the crimes committed. The defeated player is also placed in Jail, with a prison sentence of no fewer than 2.7 hours and no more than 48 hours, with the exact figure dependent on the number and severity of their crimes.

Once arrested, they cannot be arrested again until they have met the required threshold of income to warrant their arrest again. Said threshold requires a criminal to have acquired a certain amount in criminal earnings or to have expended a particular amount of nerve on their misdeeds before they are eligible for apprehension.

  • Being arrested by another player will not affect your Crime experience.
  • Arresting a player does count towards chains.
  • Arresting a player provides the same respect as leaving or hospitalizing them (it does not have the 0.75x respect multiplier like mugging does)
  • Being jailed (by any means) resets your warrant value completely.

Historical Notes

  • Reward for arresting a player was 10% of their crime income, but this has been increased to a now unconfirmed amount (Estimated to be 20%)

Patch History

Released in Patch list #38

Patch list #53 : 24/07/18
  • Increased arrest warrant rewards.
New company: Detective Agency : 27/03/18
  • Startup cost of just $12m
  • Base size of 4 employees.
  • 1 star : References : View someone's employment and faction history for 2 job points.
  • 3 star : Deputized : Able to Arrest those who meet the required threshold after defeat.
  • 5 star : Friend or Foe : See who's friended / blacklisted you for 100 job points.
  • 7 star : Watchlist : Anonymously extend a target's flight time by 1:30 - 2:00 hours for 50 job points.
  • 10 star : Most Wanted : View a list of people with the highest wanted rewards for 25 job points.
Patch list #38 : 27/03/18
  • Released Detective Agency company.