Elo is a rating system used to calculate relative skill levels of players in zero-sum games. The most common and familiar application of this is Chess.

Torn has its own Elo rating, based purely on attacking results.

How does it work?

Elo is gained by winning fights, and lost by losing fights. One difference compared with most other games is that in Torn a "draw" (Stalemate) does not change a players Elo rating.

The basic concept is the following:

  • Every player starts with the defined "Average" Elo rating. In Torn this is set to 1000.
  • Two players with identical Elo ratings will gain or lose 5 Elo points depending on the victor.
  • A player attacking an opponent with a higher Elo rating stands to gain more than they can lose, and vice versa.
  • The maximum Elo gain or loss is 10 Elo points, while the minimum is zero. This is achieved when there is a discrepancy of 512 in Elo ratings. E.g. If a 1000 rated player attacks a 1512 rated player, the 1000 rated player stands to gain 10 and lose 0, while the 1512 rated player stands to gain 0 and lose 10.

Calculating potential Elo change

Follow this link for a spreadsheet calculator to work out how your Elo rating will change after an attack. For a quick reference however, the table below provides the range of Elo discrepancies required for each integer gain of Elo points.

Elo Gain
Gain Minimum Elo Difference Maximum Elo Difference
0 N/A -512
1 -511 -302
2 -301 -191
3 -190 -108
4 -107 -35
5 -34 +34
6 35 107
7 108 190
8 191 301
9 302 511
10 512 N/A

Patch History

Released in Patch list #177

Patch list #177 : 26/01/21
  • Added attacking ELO rating to personal stats.