Equipment loadouts allow you to save combinations of clothing, armour, weapons, mods and ammunition into presets that you can quickly switch between based on your attacking or defensive needs.

Creating a Loadout

You may create up to three loadouts, which you can view by clicking this icon on the top right corner of the loadout panel in your inventory.


In order to save items to a loadout you must first have it equipped, which you can do by clicking the plus icon in the top right corner of that loadout box - this box will turn green to indicate you have the loadout equipped. You can name your loadout by clicking anywhere on the name panel of this loadout.


Loadout Items

When you equip an item in your inventory, it will be saved to the loadout you currently have equipped. Likewise if you unequip an item, it will be removed from the loadout you currently have equipped.

For each loadout you may equip:

  • Primary
  • Secondary
  • Melee
  • Temporary
  • Armour (head, chest, legs, hands, feet)
  • Several items of clothing

The number of clothes which can be equipped varies depending on the items. Many clothes are layered such that they can be worn with (underneath or over) piece of Armour, but there are some clashes which require you to choose one or the other.

You can view specific details of each item equipped to your loadout by cycling through with the left and right arrows.


Ammunition and Mods

Specific special ammo can be saved to a weapon in a loadout. You can cycle through ammo types for each weapon by clicking on the ammo panel below each weapon.


Additionally, weapon mods can be attached and saved to weapons in a loadout. Click one of the two "plus" icons in the top left of each weapon panel, and select any matching weapon mod from the panel that appears.


Patch History

Released in Patch list #166

Patch list #194 : 01/06/21
  • Added Loadout Capacity upgrade to the Points Building to increase loadout slots up to 9.
Patch list #192 : 18/05/21
  • Changed loadout equipping to prioritise equipping faction-loaned temporary items first.
Equipment Loadouts
  • We've just released a system for managing different equipment loadouts, you'll now see this at the top of the Items page. This has the following features:
    • See your currently equipped armor and clothing. Click on the image to enlarge it.
    • Weapons, Armor, Clothing, Mods & Ammunition you equip is saved in a Loadout.
    • Rename loadouts, and swap between them depending on your requirements.
    • Click or tap a weapon's ammunition to instantly toggle between special ammunitions.
Patch list #166 : 03/11/20
  • Released Loadouts.