Organized Crime

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An Organized Crime is a group activity performed by members of a Faction in order to gain cash and respect for that faction, as well as Crime Experience for the members involved.

When such a crime is planned you will have an icon for organized crime showing the countdown timer in the top of the side bar.


Organized crimes can be planned by anyone in a faction with the "Organized Crimes" permission. Members are selected from those that meet the following requirements:

  • Active in the last 24 hours
  • Are not already in an organized crime

When an organised crime is planned, each member will receive an event alerting them to this fact. Each crime requires a different number of members and planning time in order to complete.

Once the planning time is over, the crime may be "initiated" by anyone with the Organized Crimes permission, so long as all members involved are "Okay" - that is, they must not be in Hospital, Jail or Traveling. Members attempting to travel near the end of the planning time will receive a red notice on the travel page alerting them to this fact.

Once initiated, the same organized crime may be replanned with the exact same members with the "Plan again" button, so long as all members are available.

Crime Details

Organized Crimes
Name Members Required Planning Time Cash Gains ($) Respect Gains Fail Result
None Hospital Jail
Blackmail 2 24h 6k - 10k 1 - 2 5hr
Kidnapping 2 48h 15k - 35k 3 - 5 Yes 3hr
Bomb Threat 3 72h 50k - 150k 7 - 10 5hr Yes
Planned Robbery 5 96h 400k - 600k 18 - 24 6.66hr
6h 40m
Rob a money train 6 120h 3.25m - 4.25m 25 - 35 10hr 6hr
Take over a cruise liner 15 144h 17.5m - 27.5m 65 - 80 Yes 7hr
Hijack a plane 8 168h 20m - 50m 80 - 100 Yes Yes
Political Assassination 4 192h 100m - 300m 200 - 300 48hrs Yes


If a member wishes to leave the faction, they must first cancel any organized crime currently being planned that involves them.

If a Dirty Bomb hits a faction, all of its organized crimes currently being planned will be cancelled.

Historical Notes

  • Players with very high crime experience used to carry new players through higher organized crimes to make their growth exponential due to the fact that each participant used to gain similar crime experience from the same organized crime. Later on the individual gains were changed proportionally to the contribution of the player.

Patch History

Released prior to Patch list #1

Patch list #169 : 24/11/20
  • Changed Organised Crime participants to receive less EXP / CP if they contributed less than expected.
Patch list #84 : 05/03/19
  • Changed organised crime player ordering to name ascending.
Faction banking & Organized crime updates : 30/10/18
  • Organised crimes can now be easily planned again with the same members immediately after completion. Simply click the "Plan again" button.
Patch list #67 : 30/10/18
  • Added organised crime re-planning.
Patch list #48 : 19/06/18
  • Changed OC travel warning to appear only if initiation would be ready before a return trip.
Patch list #47 : 12/06/18
  • Added Organised Crime warning to travel confirmation.
Patch list #41 : 17/04/18
  • Added the name of the faction member who selected OC participants to the faction news.

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