Small Arms Cache

Small Arms Cache #1120
Despite its name implying otherwise, the Small Arms Cache cannot be opened by a Tyrannosaurus Rex. Upon opening this crate, you will receive a small, lightweight firearm that you can use to cause injury and / or death to your opponents and / or lover.
Supply Pack

Small Arms Cache is a Supply Pack item that was released 7 December 2021. It is one of the Caches that can be obtained as a purchase from Big Al's Bunker or as a reward for a faction participating in Ranked Warring. One will appear in a faction's Armory when awarded at the conclusion of a ranked war. The contents of a Cache will automatically be placed in the faction's armory upon being opened from the armory (or placed in a player's inventory if opened from an inventory.)

The Small Arms Cache cannot be sold to a store and cannot be obtained through city finds.


Opening a Small Arms Cache will give the player a single Pistol or SMG of Yellow, Orange, or Red quality that will have at least one Weapon Bonus. Yellow quality weapons are the most common, with Orange being rarer and Red weapons being the rarest.

Small Arms Caches can contain the majority of Pistol and SMG weapons.

Pistol and SMG weapons that cannot be obtained from a Small Arms Cache:

Definitive list of weapons that can be obtained from a Small Arms Cache

Item Image Classification
9mm Uzi large.png SMG
AK74U large.png SMG
Beretta 92FS large.png Pistol
Beretta M9 large.png Pistol
BT MP9 large.png SMG
Bushmaster Carbon 15 large.png SMG
Cobra Derringer large.png Pistol
Desert Eagle large.png Pistol
Fiveseven large.png Pistol
Glock 17 large.png Pistol
Lorcin 380 large.png Pistol
Luger large.png Pistol
Magnum large.png Pistol
MP 40 large.png SMG
MP5 Navy large.png SMG
MP5k large.png SMG
P90 large.png SMG
Qsz-92 large.png Pistol
Raven MP25 large.png Pistol
Ruger 57 large.png Pistol
S&W Revolver large.png Pistol
Skorpion large.png SMG
Springfield 1911-A1 large.png Pistol
Taurus large.png Pistol
Thompson large.png SMG
TMP large.png SMG
USP large.png Pistol

Definitive List of Pistol and SMG weapons unobtainable from Small Arms Caches

Item Image Classification
Beretta Pico large.png Pistol
Dual 92G Berettas large.png Pistol
Dual Bushmasters large.png SMG
Dual MP5s large.png SMG
Dual P90s large.png SMG
Dual TMPs large.png SMG
Dual Uzis large.png SMG
Flare Gun large.png Pistol
Pink Mac-10 large.png SMG
S&W M29 large.png Pistol

Patch History

Released in Patch list #

Patch list #258 : 27/09/22
  • Added 7 previously excluded weapons to the Small Arms Cache and Melee Cache
Patch list #221 : 07/12/21