Christmas Sweater '15

Christmas Sweater '15 #743
Given to you by relatives you only see once per year, worn to boozy Christmas parties that result in disgraceful pictures plastered on social media. This Christmas sweater represents bad taste and good times had by all.

Christmas Sweater '15 is a Clothing item that was available for purchase for $65 at Bits 'n' Bobs with only 750 units available on 24th of December 2015.

Each person was allowed to purchase only one, and a minimum level of 5 was required to buy it.

Announcement of the sale was made via Torn City Newsletter Winter 2015 Edition:

Over the Christmas period, we'll be selling 750 limited edition Christmas Sweater collectibles in "Bits 'n' Bobs". Only one can be purchased per person (and you must be at least level 5).

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