Sandworm Mask '21

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Sandworm Mask '21 #1177
In Frank Herbert's Dune, the planet Arrakis is home to a race of giant sandworms called the Shai-Hulud. Sadly, Denis Villeneuve's Dune movie contains only one large worm whose individual name is unknown. The video game series Worms contains a potentially infinite number of worms, each of which you can call whatever you like. We must therefore conclude that Worms is better than the new Dune movie, and to celebrate this fact, here is a mask of our favorite worm from Worms, Spicy Alan.
Clothing (Masked)

Sandworm Mask '21 is a Clothing item that was given out during community events during Halloween 2021. It can be equipped as a masked item.

Patch History

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